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So the BEC course is a great course if you would like to use English in the workplace.
The Business English Course is one of Cambridge University's ESOL suite of exam courses.
It's recognized worldwide and it's preferred by companies such as Shell, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse, HSBC, the list goes on.
Our course at BROWNS runs for 10-12 weeks depending on when the exam is.
You can decide to do the exam here in Australia or at home, if you wish.
Our BEC syllabus is very balanced; we cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and functional usage,
- functional usage means, for example, if you buy a product and it's broken, how can you complain about that product.
We use all of these skills and systems in themed work.
So the themes could be recruitment, management, marketing, sales, all of the workplace topics.
Throughout the course there are three mock tests. In the first week you have a mock test, , in the fifth or sixth week you have another mock test
and the second last week of the course is the third.
Every week you will also have a weekly revision test, in the second hour of Monday
and in this test you will be able to practice all the skills and all the work that you have covered the week before.
Now, the morning classes are course book based.
In the afternoon classes, they focus and devote the time to the skills learning.
In the second half of the course, there is a simulation project. In the simulation project, the students create a product,
they market it, they go to sell it and hopefully, they make a profit.
Now, the most successful team wins our coveted BEC trophy.
Our business English teachers are specialists in this course and they bring the classroom alive. It's very dynamic,
and if you are deciding that you would like to use business English in a workplace, this is a good course for you,
or if you just want to do the Cambridge course exam, I'd recommend this course for you.


Cambridge BEC Exam Preparation Course | BROWNS ELS

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