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  • ARE VAMPIRES REAL Not the sparkling kind, but the drinking blood

  • to stay young forever kind?

  • Well science says maybe

  • okay science doesn’t actually say that. but science has started to notice that blood,

  • specifically young blood might have rejuvenating properties. Which is just crazy interesting.

  • But exactly why that is, no one is certain.

  • Yet one new study points to a new, unknown molecule. In this study published in Nature

  • Communications, scientists found that young blood could heal broken bones. Alright so

  • this gets a little.. umgross. but scientists conjoined the circulatory systems of pairs

  • of mice in a process called parabiosis, which means living besides. Basically scientists

  • stitch together the tissues of two mice, so an old mouse and a younger mouse would share

  • a blood supply.

  • I know, it totally seems like an antique thing, and it’s kind of old. Clive McCay of Cornell

  • University first pioneered this technique in the 1950s. but for some reason it’s experiencing

  • a resurgence. Yeah I know… a little too much like frankenstein.

  • But what’s interesting, besides the whole sewing together mice thing, is that the researchers

  • think this means that young blood cells secrete some molecule or protein that helps heal the

  • body. And as an organism ages, they lose the ability to make this molecule.

  • Previously it was thought that GDF-11 a molecule that circulates throughout blood was the fountain

  • of youth. But a recent study contradicts that finding. This new study published in the journal

  • Cell Metabolism found that as mice aged, the more of this molecule circulated in the bloodstream.

  • And as researchers injected aging mice with this molecule, the worse their muscles repaired

  • themselves. So who really knows right

  • But even though scientists are still figuring that out, other studies show that there is

  • really something powerful about young blood. Other studies like one published in the journal

  • Nature Medicine found that young blood recharged the brains of older mice. Researchers ran

  • mice through standard laboratory tests after they received an infusion of plasma from young

  • mice. They did much better on the tests than older mice without young blood coursing through their veins.

  • Curiously, that improvement was gone if the blood had been heated before hand. Which again

  • suggest there’s something going on with the proteins in young blood. Because heat

  • denatures protein, or basically when they get heated up, they lose their shape and don’t

  • work as well. Kind of like ice cream melting on a summer day.

  • Other studies also showed how young blood pumps up older brains. In one study published

  • in the journal Nature, after being exposed to young blood, the brains of older mice looked

  • more like that of a younger mouse. Nerve cells in their hippocampus were better at forming

  • connections, which is basically what learning and memory is.

  • But wait there’s more. In a similar Frankensteinian experiment, researchers stitched together

  • older mice with a young mouse. They found that the young blood rejuvenated the hearts

  • of the older mice. The older mice suffered from cardiac hypertrophy, a condition which

  • thickens and swells the heart. After four weeks of getting young blood from the other

  • mouse, their hearts shrank to a normal size!

  • All of these studies sure make you want to drink a nice tall glass of young blood eh?

  • Okay, well, I know, all these studies have been in mice, but researchers are already trying to

  • see what happens in humans. In October of 2014 researchers at Stanford University gave

  • transfusions of blood plasma donated by people under 30 to older volunteers with mild to

  • moderate Alzheimer's. The results? We don’t know quite yet.

  • So maybe Dracula had it right all along, but I guess you could saymore research is needed.

ARE VAMPIRES REAL Not the sparkling kind, but the drinking blood


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