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  • This episode of DNews is brought to you by Pacifico Beer.

  • Sharks: theyre the predators of the sea, but are they as dangerous as everyone thinks?

  • Weve got a list of animals way deadlier than sharks - and some of them, may surprise

  • you.

  • Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews - and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t petrified of

  • sharks. With their tiny, beady eyes and layers upon layers of sharp teeth. Theyre terrifying!

  • But you know what - in the grand scheme of animals that can kill you, sharks are actually

  • quite low on the list.

  • Only a handful of the over 375 different shark species are known for attacking humans, and

  • while the world sees anywhere from 50-70 shark attacks every year, less than 20 of those

  • are actual fatalities. So clearly, sharks are getting a bad rap. There are animals out

  • there that are way cuter, and kill way more people every year.

  • Elephants, for example, kill almost 500 people a year - which makes them 10 times more dangerous

  • than sharks. And the fact that theyre the largest land mammal, means they can easily

  • crush someone with their weight. Theyre also known to exhibit unpredictable behaviors,

  • and attack people without warning - especially during reproductive season.

  • The same goes for Hippos - another adorable animal that seems harmless, but is actually

  • super deadly. Theyre responsible for about 2,900 deaths every year, killing more people

  • in Africa than any other large animal. Theyre a naturally aggressive - and territorial - species,

  • and you might not think it, but they can run up to 20 mph - faster than a human, with jaws

  • that open 4 feet wide and clamp down like a sledgehammer. They could literally chase

  • down a baby and eat it! Which is ironic, cause baby hippos are one of the cutest things on

  • earth. Not so cute, are crocodiles - but theyre

  • still deadlier than sharks! Theyre the largest reptile in the world, with the largest

  • bite force ever measured - up to 3,700 lbs of pressure per square inch. People have literally

  • been eaten alive by crocodiles (EWWW), and while the American ones aren’t really known

  • for their aggressiveness - there are certain species in Africa and Asia, like Nile and

  • saltwater crocodiles, respectively, that attack up to 1,000 people every year. Which begs


  • You have no idea what’s in there!

  • Snails, for example? Those seem pretty harmless, right? NOPE! Freshwater snails kill up to

  • 200,000 people a year, thanks to Schistosomiasis - a parasitic worm that snails release into

  • fresh bodies of water. Anyone who comes into contact with that water, especially in poorer

  • nations, can contract it. And once it gets into your veins, it makes its way to your

  • urinary tract and intestines, laying eggs and causing lifelong problems, including death.

  • It may only kill 200,000 people a year - but some reports say it affects nearly 240 million

  • people worldwide. Making it one of the world’s most deadly parasitic diseases, second only

  • tomalaria.

  • That’s right. Of all the animals in the world, mosquitos are BY FAR the deadliest.

  • These little guys infect over 500 million people every year, killing almost a million

  • worldwide. It’s the Plasmodium parasite that lives in the saliva of mosquitos, and

  • travels into your bloodstream after you get bitten. The classic symptom is repeated cycles

  • of shivering cold, followed by intense sweating and fever. And if left untreated, it can lead

  • to neurological symptoms, respiratory illness, and death. It’s estimated that a child dies

  • every 1 minute due to malaria, in Africa alone.

  • I’ll bet sharks don’t seem quite as bad now, huh? I mean yeah, they might look scary

  • - but at least you know you can avoid them, by just not going in the ocean. And that’s

  • more than I can say for mosquitos: nature’s tiny silent killers.

  • Hopefully, none of this has scared you out of any travel plans you may have - but if

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  • In the meantime, let us know what animal youre most afraid - whether it’s sharks, ostriches,

  • or maybe even... humans? That is a valid answer! Just leave your responses in the comments

  • below - and as always, thank you guys for watching!

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Pacifico Beer.


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