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I hope he can guess it.
But if he doesn't, I won't dump him.
It might throw a wrench in that whole one year thing.
- Hahaha - Nooo - So, we'll see.
Her hand's a little smaller.
And so, feels a little different.
So we'll have to see.
I'm sorry to the person on the other side if this is weird.
I'm like, trying to test out her knuckles, like is that Soph's knuckles or is that somebody else's?
Um but then again I don't even know what Sophia's knuckles feel like so I don't even know why I'm trying that!
There's a little bit of gamesmanship going on here.
I think that part of you guys might have been like, let's put Sophia first, and trick out Tyler.
Ohh, this is tricky now.
Now this hand is a little bit bigger
and Sophia's got pretty big hands.
So, wow this is impossible.
I'm in pretty intense thought right now.
But this feels like a hand that I know.
Ahh it's like the warmth, a little bit,
and like I'm adding in some descriptors which can only hurt me if I'm wrong.
I'm like, this hand feels like a hand I've been holding.
Um, okay this is Sophia's hand.
I think Sophia's hand is number 3.
And I'm really hoping that it is cause I'm pretty nervous right now.
No!! Who is that?!
It's 2 then.
Oh my god!
I thought I would've known!
Oh, I don't want to see...She's mad.
Are you serious?
I would've been so good at this.
Oh stop, it was not that easy. I couldn't really tell.
He did horribly.
Why did you think that the first hand was not my hand.
We don't walk this far apart is really what it is.
We usually walk right next to each other.
So when we're further apart it just felt different, like the angle was different.
No, it's fine. I'm not mad.
I'm just disappointed.
Listen, I've held one hand for a year.
And maybe if other people get them, then they're better at holding hands than us.
But we're pretty awesome at being boyfriend and girlfriend, right?
There you go.



触るだけで彼女の手だとわかる? (Do You Know Your GF By Touch?)

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Charlene Tai 2017 年 11 月 15 日 に公開    newzealand 翻訳    Yukiko チェック
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