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  • 49.6% of the global population is comprised of women. But in 2015, only 24 women worldwide

  • held head of state or head of government positions. Barely 5% of CEOs and 10% of billionaires

  • are women. With such a dramatic minority, we wanted to take a look at some of the world’s

  • most influential female figures. So, who are a few of the most powerful women in the world?

  • For the past decade, the most powerful woman in the world has been German Chancellor, Angela

  • Merkel. Merkel was Germany’s first female head of government and almost singlehandedly

  • saved the EU from financial collapse. Currently she is negotiating Greece’s fiscal woes.

  • She is so powerful that in political circles she is known asthe decider," and is effectively

  • considered the leader of the entire European Union. In 2012 Forbes ranked her the second

  • most powerful person in the world.

  • Another extremely powerful woman is philanthropist and businesswoman, Melinda Gates.

  • As the co-founder and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, she has used their 40 billion

  • dollar endowment to focus on global health care, and empowering women and girls around the world.

  • In a similar vein, Oprah Winfrey is considered one of the most influential

  • women in America, and is the richest African American in the world.

  • On the business side, Indra Nooyi is the CEO of one of the largest food and drink companies, PepsiCo.

  • Since 1994, she has overseen numerous mergers, acquisitions, and a steady increase

  • in market share and stock price. Under her tenure, there have even been moves to invest

  • in renewable energy, and to combat obesity. As the head of the multinational, 65 billion

  • dollar a year company, Indra Nooyi is overwhelmingly powerful.

  • Financially, the two people who control the majority of the world’s money are both women.

  • Janet Yellen is the first female head of the Federal Reserve in the United States, which

  • has a large hand in determining the country’s economic policy. For the rest of the world,

  • including 188 countries, the International Monetary Fund is also headed by a woman, Christine Lagarde.

  • Lagarde has worked to increase the participation of women in the workforce, worldwide.

  • No list of powerful women would be complete without the First Lady of the Free World,

  • Michelle Obama. As the wife of US President Barack Obama, Michelle has used her status

  • and influence to address the issues of obesity and inactivity in the United States.

  • She is also one of the leading forces behind the education and financial empowerment of young women.

  • Michelle’s impact as the first African American First Lady can not be overstated.

  • The world needs more powerful women to continue the trend of empowering and upholding women’s rights.

  • Although the percentage of women in parliament around the world has doubled in

  • the last decade, they still make up a small proportion of high ranking government positions.

  • And if women make up half the population, shouldn’t they get equal representation

  • just like everybody deserves?

  • Another one of the most powerful women in the world is using that power to run for President in 2016.

  • Youve probably heard of her. To get a better sense of what Hillary Clinton

  • is about, check out this political profile. Thanks for watching TestTube News, make sure

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49.6% of the global population is comprised of women. But in 2015, only 24 women worldwide


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世界で最もパワフルな女性は誰か? (Who Are The World's Most Powerful Women?)

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