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  • Let's break some cement.

  • (rock music playing)

  • I'm glad we have this time to talk.

  • Right away, before we go any further,

  • I wanna establish a code of conduct.

  • This trip we're on is for men, not little boys.

  • You guys are gonna see things that you've never seen before.

  • And when we get back, nobody's gonna tattle.

  • Right, julio?

  • 'cause I'm gonna do a lot of bad things,

  • And you guys aren't going to stop me.

  • Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

  • You guys ever had sex?

  • (door opening)

  • Y'all getting to know mike pretty good back here?

  • Why don't you go ahead and buckle up.

  • No, thank you.

  • Okay. You guys, buckle up.

  • If anybody has to take a piss, now is the time,

  • 'cause we're getting ready to get the h-e double hockey sticks outta here.

Let's break some cement.


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