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  • And, break. Face your partner.

  • All: Sir! Kyungneh!

  • Shake hands.

  • Okay, rotate. All: Sir!

  • All right, everybody just have a seat for a second. Have a seat.

  • All: Sir!

  • Now, I'm noticing that a lot of y'all are just throwing single kicks and punches.

  • What you need to be doing is follow those through with some combinations. Okay?

  • Let's start with a simple one, shall we?

  • Right hand block, left hand throws a distracting back fist,

  • Number one side kick followed through with a spin crescent kick to the head.

  • Sound easy enough? All: Sir!

  • Okay, let's try it out. Rick, marge, hop up.

  • Marge: Sir.

  • Okay, marge, ready stance.

  • Sir. Okay.

  • Rick, we're gonna have you on the attack first. Throw a round kick.

  • Block with the right, distracting back fist,

  • Number one side kick, and spin crescent kick.

  • There we go. Boom. Got him. Got him.

  • Got you, didn't she, rick?

  • No, I was just doing what you told me to do.

  • That's fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

  • Think you can beat this combination?

  • I think marge and I know different. Don't we, marge?

  • Yes, sir.

  • Okay. Let's do this again.

  • Marge, ready stance. Sir.

  • Keep your eyes on rick.

  • And don't forget the distracting back fist. That's the key.

  • Rick, you come with whatever you got.

  • Full contact, no holds barred, okay?

  • I'm gonna warn you,

  • I don't think you're gonna like how this ends, hotshot.

  • Face your partner. Kyungneh. Sir.

  • Sparring stances.

  • Sheejahk!

  • (marge groans)

  • (fred sighs)

  • She still alive?

  • Somebody check her pulse, please.

And, break. Face your partner.


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足こぶしの道 (4/10) Movie CLIP - Is She Still Alive?(2006) HD (The Foot Fist Way (4/10) Movie CLIP - Is She Still Alive? (2006) HD)

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