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Come on in.
Guys, thank you so much for coming.
We're looking for families that can help us tell a real story
So I wanted to ask you about your family
Well, we're a family of five.
Um, Mathew is the eldest at 16, William 13, Lauren is 10.
It's a bit hectic.
It's a lot of trying to hold the wheels on.
But, we just do what we have to do to be parents and have a family.
I think, we're just gonna blink our eyes and they're all gonna be in university or getting married or being away.
And that'll be a, probably, a tough time.
Lauren, or Lulu, as I call her,
She's just ten now, but it feels like she's gonna be 16 tomorrow.
Dance is a very big part of my life.
I took my first dance class when I was 4.
It just makes me feel good doing what I actually love to do.
Takes up a lot of time, but I'd much rather do that than do anything else.
I think having a little girl is going to turn out to be more different as time goes on.
And I hope that she continues to love her dad and not be embarrassed by her parents.
And I hope she doesn't think that I work too much or don't pay enough attention to her because I really do value the time we spend together.
This is where they grill us.
You know you both wrote down you'd like to spend more time with each other?
Would you like that?
Yeah haha
So the sky's the limit. You can do anything together.
What would you do?
Well, haha
Hi, it's Michael. Leave me a message and I'll get back to you
Still no Michael
I've called him at least 8 times.
And he's not answering his phone.
Now that it's just you and me,
umm, you have a great relationship with Lauren.
mhmm - What's Michael's relationship like with her?
Oh! I have a text.
I know it sounds corny, but
Lauren looks at him always with that
God, I love him. And he looks at her like they have such joy together
Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the junior advanced show.
I was given the chance to do this special dance today.
This is a dance I've always wanted to do.
Mom, Dad. This is for you
5, 6, 7.
I want to have a dance class with him.
And we can do like, fun hip hop moves and surprise Mom.
We want to help you do that.
But the catch is.... - Yeah? - You have to start today.
So let's start from the very top
Ready? 5, 6, 7, go
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
That was quick. 2, down, goes
Yeah, see, that was good.
Dad, it's faster.
Slide in.
We're almost finished.
As a parent, you find yourself doing crazy things for your kids.
We wouldn't have it any other way.
They won't be kids forever.
Which makes today that much more important.



【感動】父と娘の初めてのダンス (Quaker - "The Recital")

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