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  • In July 2015, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man attacked six people with a knife during an

  • LGBT parade in Israel. Jews and Israelis worldwide denounced the attack as a quotedespicable

  • hate crime," attributed to religious extremism. In fact, a 2006 poll by an Israeli nonprofit

  • found that ultra-Orthodox Jews were the most hated group in Israel by a wide margin. So,

  • why do Israelis hate Orthodox Jews?

  • Well, despite Judaism being one of the world’s oldest religions, an overwhelming majority

  • of Jews are secular, and non-religious. Unlike most countries with a distinct cultural and

  • religious majority, Israel doesn’t even have an official religion. Despite the word

  • Orthodoxgenerally referring to long standing traditionalist groups, the modern

  • Jewish Orthodoxy is barely a century old. Around the late 1800s, Jews began to view

  • themselves as a cultural group, rather than a religious one, stressing morality through

  • education and family. This shift left many religious Jews adhering to two opposing camps,

  • one called Modern Orthodoxy, the other called Haredi Judaism. Modern Orthodoxy preaches

  • inclusion and involvement in secular, scientific, and cultural Jewish movements, and supports

  • the Israeli state. Most religious Jews around the world fall into this first category.

  • However, Haredi Judaism is marked by a traditionalist ultra-religious rejection of modern secularism.

  • Most people who represent this form, including the LGBT attacker, are calledHasidic,"

  • and are religious fundamentalists. Hasids are most commonly identified by their religious

  • garb, including black clothing and fur hats. What’s interesting is that Hasids don’t

  • only oppose modern secular Jews, but have ALWAYS opposed the creation of an Israeli

  • state. But, why would ultra-religious Jews oppose a Jewish state?

  • Well, first and foremost, ultra-Orthodox Jews take a literal view of the Torah, which says

  • that Jews cannot claim their own state until the Messiah returns to grant it to them. The

  • Haredi have also argued that a secular state would diminish the religious influence of

  • Judaism. Much of Israeli law actually directly conflicts with religious law, particularly

  • in regard to women’s rights. This is no surprise, considering that over 40% of Israeli

  • Jews are secular, while only 8% are ultra-Orthodox.

  • When Israel was created, a religious exemption for military service was established as a

  • compromise for Haredi Jews, who opposed supporting the nation of Israel. For decades this policy

  • has been considered unfair. In 2014 it was overturned, leading to mass protests by the

  • ultra-Orthodox. Due to these tensions, a recent poll found that Haredi Jews were the most

  • hated group in Israel. And this trend is not just in Israel. New York City hosts the largest

  • Jewish community in the world outside of Israel, and ultra-Orthodox Jews are similarly disliked,

  • both by Jews and non-Jews. Some suggest this is due to the insular nature of the ultra-Orthodox,

  • and the often times belligerent disregard for secular laws and customs.

  • Essentially, Jewish extremists are condemned by nearly every portion of Jewish society,

  • and are distinctly separated from everyday cultural Judaism. So why do Israelis hate

  • ultra-Orthodox Jews? Because like nearly all other religious fundamentalists, theyre

  • behind the times, and aren’t getting what they want.

  • For a closer look at what Jewish Orthodoxy actually is, check out this video from Seeker

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In July 2015, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man attacked six people with a knife during an


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イスラエル人は超オーソドックスなユダヤ人が嫌いなのか? (Do Israelis Hate Ultra-Orthodox Jews?)

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