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  • A recent study by the Institute for Economics and Peace shows that terrorism is on the rise,

  • and groups like ISIS and Boko Haram are obviously still making headlines. So, what do we do?

  • Is there a way to stop terrorist groups?

  • Well the good news, is that all terrorist groups will end at some point. In fact, the

  • Global

  • Terrorism Database found that almost 75% of active terrorist groups before 1997 lasted

  • less

  • than one year. One Harvard study examined the post-9/11 world and found that terrorist

  • groups

  • that ended before 2008 lasted an average of 14 years. So for the most part, terrorist

  • groups are

  • temporary. The real question is, why do they break up?

  • The most common reason a terrorist group stops committing terrorism, is because they

  • eventually become a political party. A study of 648 terrorist groups found that 40% of

  • them

  • end for this reason. There are many examples of this; The Kosovo Liberation Army, which

  • was called a terrorist group by President Clinton, made the transition to the Kosovo

  • Protection

  • Corps, which now works closely with NATO. Sinn Fein, the political wing of the

  • IRA, is currently one of the most popular political parties in Northern Ireland. But

  • this doesn’t

  • mean that verifying a terrorist group as a political party necessarily ends terrorism.

  • Hezbollah

  • holds numerous seats in Lebanon’s parliament, but still remains on most terrorist watch

  • lists and

  • has been connected to recent terrorist acts.

  • Another major way terrorist groups come to an end, is by unknowingly recruiting police

  • or

  • military intelligence whose goal is to break up the organization from the inside. Studies

  • show

  • that 40% split up for this reason. Intelligence agencies gather information, infiltrate groups

  • and

  • arrest leaders. They can also make it harder for terrorist groups to raise money or recruit.

  • Complete military action is 7% of why terrorist groups break up, but that number is deceiving

  • because military actions aren’t used against smaller terrorist organizations, which make

  • up the

  • majority of the 648 groups we are talking about.

  • The study also shows that 10% of terrorist groups end because they achieved the goals

  • they

  • set out to achieve. A good example is the National Liberation Front, which ceased all

  • terrorist

  • activities after Algeria achieved independence from France.

  • Of course, those aren’t all of the ways terrorist groups end. Some end by splintering

  • off into

  • other terrorist groups, but that’s not really terrorism ending, so much as it is shifting

  • allegiances.

  • For more on the rise of terrorism, check out our video on the rising death toll caused

  • by

  • terrorism. And if you have any ideas or questions you’d like us to explore, please let us

  • know on

  • Facebook or in the comments below. Thanks for watching.

A recent study by the Institute for Economics and Peace shows that terrorism is on the rise,


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テロリスト集団が永遠に続かない理由 (Why Terrorist Groups Can't Last Forever)

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