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  • Hi! I'm Miranda with and today I'm gonna show you how to make a Caesar Salad.

  • Now, the Caesar Salad is just the ultimate classic of the salads and it includes ingredients

  • like romaine-- like I have here, Parmesan, and garlic, and it's just such a super tasty

  • crowd pleaser. So, I have our ingredients all laid out here. So, we have 2 cups of purchased

  • garlic Parmesan croutons, 1/4 cup of shredded fresh Parmesan, 3 anchovy fillets, 3 tablespoons

  • of fresh lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 3 cloves of peeled garlic,

  • 1 cooked egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, another

  • garlic clove which has been halve, and then just a dash of freshly ground pepper. We also

  • have 10 cups of washed, freshly torn romaine here and we are going to start by making our

  • Caesar dressing. So, I have a blender over here. You're gonna need a blender or a food

  • processor and we're just going to start by putting in the anchovy fillets, the lemon

  • juice, and the 3 whole cloves of garlic. Okay, so let's just pop the lid on and we're just

  • gonna blend this until just kind of like it gets nice and smooth together. Okay, perfect.

  • So, that's just nice and mixed up. We're gonna keep going. All sorts of goodness. Okay, let's

  • add in the olive oil, the yolk; add in the mustard, Worcestershire sauce. Okay, now,

  • we're gonna blend this until smooth and if we need to scrape down the egg yolk as we're

  • going, we'll do that but let's just take a look and see how we do. Okay, so now this

  • is all smooth. We're actually going to cover it with Saran Wrap and let it chill for 2

  • hours. It's best if you can let it chill for 24 but if you don't have time, 2 will do just

  • fine. So, we'll be right back. Okay, so it's been 2 hours and my dressing has chilled over

  • here, so we've got it sitting right here. So, now we're ready to assemble the salad.

  • So, if you have a wooden bowl, that's traditionally how the Caesar Salad is served. Now, we're

  • going to take our halves garlic and just kinda rub it along the sides. So, it will work well

  • in our metal bowl but if you have, you know, a wooden bowl, it will just kind of like soak

  • and hold in there even better. Obviously, the metal won't like hold the flavor, as well

  • as the wooden bowl would. So, were not gonna leave this in here, we're just rubbing them

  • along the side, just giving a nice little essence of garlic. So, let's now add the croutons

  • in, beautiful, and now the dressing, beautiful. Now, we are going to toss this now. So, just

  • toss, toss, toss until it's all nice and covered, beautiful, delicious. Okay, now we're gonna

  • sprinkle the Parmesan cheese on top and then we're going to add the pepper. Look how gorgeous

  • that is. And there you go, that's the Classic Caesar Salad. If you wanna make this into

  • a main meal, just add some chicken. It is super easy, yummy, and definitely a crowd

  • pleaser. That's how you make Caesar Salad. Thanks for watching and for more great recipes

  • and savings, visit us at

Hi! I'm Miranda with and today I'm gonna show you how to make a Caesar Salad.


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