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  • Human beings simply aren't built to function

  • at the cruising altitude of a 747.

  • Everest is, without doubt, the most dangerous place on Earth.

  • Ahh

  • Rob!!

  • Ahhh

  • Thank you. Don't do that to me again!

  • You're ok? Yeah...

  • I wish I was with you.

  • One day you, me, and our little Sarah will all go climbing together

  • It hurts, it's dangerous

  • Woah! Hey!

  • We've got something. Hold on!

  • Here I come! Good, okay.

  • Alright, steady up! Woo!

  • I've gotta ask the question. You know I do.

  • Why?

  • I have kids.

  • They see that a regular guy can follow impossible dreams

  • maybe they'll do the same. Ahhh

  • Now we're at the top of Everest, Helen. We've made it! -Yay!!

  • Alright guys, time to go home!

  • Looking good, Mac

  • Looking good.

  • Woah!!! - A little help?! Help! Help!

  • Let go of the rope. You've got to get yourself down.

  • There's a massive storm headed your way.

  • Oh, no.

  • Keep moving!

  • Stop! That's the wrong way!

  • Let's go, hurry up!!

  • There's no oxygen.

  • Rob?

  • Can you hear me? You've got to get moving. You've got to come on down.

  • Rob, get up!

  • Get out there, I need help!

Human beings simply aren't built to function


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エベレスト』公式IMAX予告編 (HD) (Everest – Official IMAX Trailer (HD))

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