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- (groans) Ugh.
- Morning, boo.
- Oh my God, what?
No, Zack, what? What are you doing here?!
Where's your shirt?
- Do you have any cereal?
- Oh my God. What happened?
- I think we did it.
- Ugh, how did this happen?
- I dunno, you know, love works in mysterious ways.
- No, oh my God, Zack, no.
This is not a good thing.
We should not have hooked up, okay?
We have to just keep a low profile and no one will know.
It'll be fine.
- Cool. - [Ashly] It'll be fine.
- What about brunch?
- Oh, shit! Ugh!
- Do you know where my pants are?
- Oh my god.
Okay, look, here's the plan: you go in there first
and then, like, 10 minutes later I'll go in,
so just don't be weird, okay?
- Okay, hey, don't worry about it sweet thing.
I got this. - [Ashly] Zack, no. No! Zack!
- What? I'm gonna keep it cool!
You're so cute when you're flustered.
- They were so drunk last night.
- I know, oh my god.
- [Ella] Oh my gosh, it was so funny.
- Do you think they even remember?
- [Ella] I don't know.
- Only one way to find out.
- I feel like we should have some fun with this, though.
- [Quinta] Yeah.
- Hello, my good friends, nice to see you guys.
- Hey!
- Hello, Justin, hello everyone.
- Hey, Zack, you are so late.
You're normally never this late.
What happened, Mr. One-Time?
- Also, where's Ashly?
- Where is Ashly?
- [Ella] She's never late.
- Ashly's coming here?
I didn't know she was invited here, wow.
Be some kind of reunion, I haven't seen her in a while.
- [Ashly] Hey guys! Hi, sorry I'm late.
- Hey! There she is!
- My Uber driver was taking such a long time,
you know how Uber drivers are,
they're just, like, so...it was...anyway.
- Well, thanks to you two latebirds,
we are very, very hungry. Waiter!
(people eating, laughing)
- These pancakes are really good.
(group murmurs in agreement)
- So, what did everyone get into last night?
(Ashly and Zack stutter)
- I can go first.
Justin and I watched a lovely documentary on Netflix,
it was called "Accidental Lovers".
- [Ella] That sounds interesting.
- It was really good.
- I also stayed in last night.
I was working on my homemade Sriracha sauce.
It got unexpectedly hot.
- Oh! So what did you two do last night, hmm?
- Uh...I was, uh, at my home
uh, playing a video game.
FIFA! I played FIFA, FIFA Soccer.
- And I was at home, also by myself,
reading, uh, reading a book.
For solitude purposes.
You know, Oprah, in fact, says that--
- Okay, guys, enough!
We know what happened last night.
- What?
- We know.
- Nothing...(chuckling) nothing happened.
- Guys, we saw your Snapchat stories.
- We saw both of your stories.
- Your hot, juicy, steamy Snapchat stories.
- Oh, God. Snapchat.
(overlapping chatter)
- Oh!
- Ohhh! Look who it is! (laughs)
- I am Snapchatting, too, right now!
- This is crazy!
Since we ran into each other, wanna do something fun?
- Uh, yeah?
- We're at The Leaky Whale!
- We're gonna get some half-off shots!
- Half-off shots! Half-off shots!
Shots, shots, shots!
- Thank you, bartender!
(Ashly coughs)
- (laughing) We should do a shot with a stranger.
- [Zack] (laughing) No, no. - Do you want a shot?
(bar noise and drunk calling)
- He's a pilot!
- Former pilot.
(Ashly laughs)
(bar noise, cheering)
- [Rick] Hey lovebirds, over here!
- Rick, you're so crazy!
- How did you get my phone?
Ha ha, yeah!
- (laughing) You're gonna wake up Sara.
No, Zack!
Why don't we hang out more?
- (laughing) I don't know.
- See, soon you guys will have to share your food like this.
- Oh, no. This is so embarrassing.
- Hey, you wanna know a secret?
- What?
- Zack and Ashly didn't really hook up.
- What?! How do you know?
- He sent me a private Snap. Here, I'll replay it.
- Hey, Justin, it's your boy, Zack, and...
are you asleep already?
Ugh, party pooper.
I'm going to bed, too. Good night!
- Oh.
- They didn't do it.
- Those poor little fools.
You think we should tell them?
- Nah.
- Okay. I'm with it.
(jazzy piano music)


Did We Hook Up?

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