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  • You have to get through twelve feet of concrete

  • and seventy thousand gallons of pressurized water.

  • Without any metal.

  • No oxygen tanks...

  • Benji, stand by to receive...

  • Ethan, you ready?

  • The important point...

  • if you haven't opened that hatch after two and half minutes

  • we're both dead.

  • No, no, no...

  • Ethan, do you copy?!

  • Ethan, abort!

  • Abort now!

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa!

  • Are you okay to drive?!

  • A minute - a minute ago you were DEAD!

  • What are you talking about?

  • This is not gonna end well...

  • Mr Chairman, the time has come to dissolve the IMF.

  • It's not just a rogue organization

  • it is a disgraced one.

  • Shutting down the IMF is a mistake you may regret.

  • This is Brent.

  • Go secure.

  • The syndicate is real.

  • And they know who we are.

  • A Rogue Nation.

  • Trained to do what we do.

  • An anti-IMF.

  • They're coming after us with everything they've got.

  • Oh boy...

  • You want to bring down the syndicate?

  • It's impossible.

  • Take your position...

  • I have eyes.

  • The show is about to start.

  • Got it.

  • You and your team will answer for every wonton act of mayhem

  • you are responsible for.

  • Now we're all wanted by the CIA.

  • Awesome.

  • Do you have your seatbelt on?

  • You're asking me that now?!

  • Hang on!!!

  • This may be our last mission.

  • Let's make it count.

  • Open the door!!!

  • Come on!

  • Yeah, I'm trying!

  • Benji, open that door right now!

  • Oh my God!

You have to get through twelve feet of concrete


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ミッション・インポッシブル5 ローグ・ネイション』公式予告編2+予告編レビュー - Beyond The Trailer (Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation Official Trailer 2 + Trailer Review - Beyond The Trailer)

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