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- Well, hello, everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley,
and I am here for another little video.
Last week's video, I was completely unedited,
and I think you guys liked it.
The response has been really positive.
so I think I'm gonna edit less.
I don't know if I'm gonna do that actually.
Only time will tell.
But, yes, like I said, I'm doing a little Q & A today,
and I asked you guys to submit questions
over on my Tumblr, tyleroakley.tumblr.com.
If you want to go follow me, I would recommend it.
These are the questions that I'm answering today,
so I hope you're ready
because right now (claps),
it's time (claps) for another (claps)
Q (claps) & Slay (claps).
"What is your favorite hair color
"on Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer?"
I love every color!
Once you dye your hair for the first time,
you see other people with dyed hair,
and you see them differently than you did before.
And you're just like, "Yes, live, work that color."
Like, "Yes, I love you in every way.
"You're killin' it.
"I wanna do that color next."
And so, seeing Michael do every single color in the rainbow,
I'm like "Slay me."
But, if I had to pick one color for Michael,
I would probably have to pick
whatever color he wants to have
because I don't think it's my place
to try to police his body.
And that's that.
"What the fuck?"
Honestly, yes, I agree.
Okay. (laughs loudly)
True, firstly.
But also, why the fuck?
"What book do you recommend this month?"
As you guys know,
I recommend a new book every single month. (garbled)
I can't speak.
I recommend a new month ever...
I recommend a new book every month
on audible.com/tyleroakley.
The first one you download
with that link will be completely free.
And this month,
I am recommending "We Should Hang Out Sometime"
by my good friend Josh Sundquist.
He is a fellow YouTuber.
I was on a panel with him at VidCon,
but I have known him for years.
He is a great guy.
He is precious, and I love him.
I haven't read it yet.
I'm gonna read along with you guys,
so go get it, audible.com/tyleroakley.
You can get this book or any other book for free
if you use that link.
And, yeah, I wanna know what you guys think of it.
I'm sure I'm gonna love it 'cause I love him,
but yeah, go enjoy.
"Do blondes have more fun?"
Actually, honestly, I do feel like I am alive again.
I know that sounds so dramatic and gross,
but I left the place where I get my hair done,
and I was walking down the street
and I was like, "Oh, my god!
"I feel right." (laughs loudly)
I don't know.
I'm like... (sips)
An eye roll and a half, but I just felt right.
So, yes, I think blondes do have more fun.
At least, right now, for me, this blonde is having more fun.
"How good do you think Justin looks
"in the new Calvin Klein campaign?"
They certainly tend to use Photoshop in things like this.
They did for this campaign.
If I'm gonna get real, he could #GetIt. (laughs)
But (laughs), yeah, the campaign, whatever.
I don't know.
I'm not passionate about that.
I will say, today I am wearing Calvin Klein's,
so maybe his impact.
"How do you feel about fried pickles?"
(sighs) I feel, I feel it all.
I feel, I just feel so good about fried pickles.
I do.
I do.
The day I met Michelle Obama,
I went from making a video with her to Hooters
and getting fried pickles because I was like,
"Dude, I need to celebrate."
And the only way I know how to celebrate
is with fried pickles.
Yeah, so how do I feel about fried pickles?
"On Tuesday, it's gonna be my birthday, January 13th."
That's today!
If you're watching this video, (mumbles).
If you're watching this video the day I am uploading this,
that is today.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday. (sings and claps)
Happy birthday. (sings and claps)
People dying everywhere. (sings and claps)
Pollution in the air. (sings and claps)
Happy birthday. (sings and claps)
Happy birthday. (sings and claps)
Yay, you lived another year. (sings and claps)
Surely, that's a drawn year. (sings and claps)
Happy birthday. (sings)
That's the song.
You're welcome.
"What are you opinions on vaginas?"
It's just like..
Are we still...
It's 2015.
Are you still expecting gay people to be repulsed by vaginas
because that is what culture has told gays they need to be.
I'm not repulsed by a vagina.
I think vaginas are great.
No complaints.
You know.
Two thumbs up.
"I wanna start an LGBT club at my school
"because, whoa, I am quite gay.
"What are some tips for me if I want to start the club?"
A) Thank you for being a great ambassador
at your school for kindness.
I dig it.
But, if I had to give you some tips,
as to how to start a GSA at your school,
a Gay Straight Alliance,
here are a couple of tips, okay.
Tell your administration that you're doing it
and go by the rules.
Do not give them any excuse
as to how they can shut you down
because you didn't do a certain process
or you didn't do a certain step.
Next step, you have to have an adviser.
Usually at any school for any club,
whether it's Spanish Club, Drama Club, whatever club,
you need an adviser,
so go to some teachers
that you know would be great ambassadors for kindness
at your school.
And tell them this is something you want to do.
This is something you need their support on.
And once you actually have an adviser for your club,
you're gonna have a lot more support
on the administration side.
Next step is to find out a way to have regular meetings.
You need a place.
You need a certain time.
And you need a certain day,
whether it's weekly, biweekly, monthly.
Whatever it is, make sure that it's regular
in some capacity,
and people know when they can come to the club.
And then, the most important thing about having any club
is to get people to come.
And the number one way to get anybody to come to any club
is free food.
Order a pizza.
There's free food.
Come on over.
Everyone's going to come.
Trust me.
That is how you catch a gay, free food.
"What was your favorite Christmas present?"
This year, I got a special little gift
from my friends over at District Lines.
Look at this little bobble head they gave me!
It's me, obviously, but with mint hair.
And then, look, I'm wearing my own T-shirt.
I love it.
If you want to match my bobble head
that District Lines sent me,
you can become my Person of the Week.
If you click right there,
all you gotta do is get something real cute.
Send me a picture of you being cute with it.
And you might be my Person of the Week.
If you want to see my latest video, click right there.
Again, I told you it's completely unedited,
so it was a very real, raw glimpse of who I am.
If you want that in your life, click right there.
The response was, mmm, pretty good.
It was the best response I've had to a video
in a long, long time.
So, click right there.
Check it out.
If you want to hear my latest podcast, click right there.
It is all about advice.
You guys ask for advice,
and me and Korey give you a whole bunch
of really funny advice, so check it out.
It's sincere, but also hilarious,
so click right there to subscribe.
It's completely free.
And if you would like to become
a part of this little family,
all you gotta do is subscribe.
Click right there or you can click below.
Subscribe and that is your way of finding out
whenever I put out a new video.
Then, you're part of the family.
That's all. Okay.
Have a good life.
I love you, and I'll see you guys next time.
That was a fun little Q & A.
Are you guys still watching?
Do people watch to the end?
I never know if people watch to the end.
If you watch to the end, push the thumbs up button, okay.
And then, tweet me what number thumbs up you are.
That's how I'm gonna know who watches to the end.
It's our little club.
Okay, bye.




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