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- (clears throat) Hi guys, it's Jeffrey.
I'm currently back home in Montreal, Canada
in my living room, and we are renovating the house
at the moment, so you can see a TV,
but no couch, and that being said...
Uh, no one cares, okay, let's continue on.
For the last six months, I moved out of my home,
left my family to go to Los Angeles, California
to pursue this career that I have on YouTube.
And in the meantime, it seems that my family
couldn't live without me. (laughs)
Oh, can you believe that?
So, uh, so they replaced me.
They replaced me with this right here.
It's a...
It's a dog.
She's five months old at the moment, and her name is Malibu,
'cause every time you're with her,
it's like you're on vacation.
(laughs) Not really.
So yeah, apparently, this little one was
enough to replace me.
My life rocks.
So far, my family's trained her pretty well.
She know, like, the basics.
(snaps) Sit.
There's one thing I'm not really too sure about, though,
is my family went ahead and bought this jacket for Malibu,
and it says "Adidog" in the back.
Like, really?
I think my dad thinks it's cute or something.
- He's cute.
- Like, since when does a dog need a jacket?
Okay fine, maybe it's still a baby, and it could be
sensitive to cold, but I've put her in snow,
and she seems just to be perfectly fine with it.
(upbeat guitar music)
You know, what's worse is my family actually went ahead
and bought her a second jacket.
I mean, I'm not saying I'm jealous or anything.
I'm just saying I've never been spoiled like that, right?
Mom, Dad?
New Xbox, what?
Maybe, no?
Okay, I tried.
You know what's sad is that it doesn't really end there.
My family went ahead and bought these little boots for her.
I mean, with these ones, I can kind of understand,
'cause we just got new floor, and we want to keep it clean,
but I just gotta how silly she looks walking in these.
(upbeat quirky music)
(Jeffrey laughs)
She seems to be way too happy.
I can't really blame them, though.
I don't feel like I would be much of a better trainer.
Every time Malibu does something naughty,
I try to warn her and tell her.
But at the same time, I find her way too cute,
so I compliment her.
So, in the end, I don't think she understands anything.
Why did you poo on the floor?
(in baby talk) Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
(as Malibu) So, uh, did I do good or not?
(in normal voice) That's a curse that dogs have.
There is the point, however, where Malibu
doesn't look cute at all, just the ugliest thing ever.
It's when she takes a shower.
Ugh, I can't even recognize her.
What's cool about dogs is that they're
pretty much happy 24/7,
and it doesn't really take much to entertain them,
because they're pretty much entertained by everything.
♫ Doo ba doo ba doo
♫ Ba doo ba doo ba doo
♫ Ba doo ba doo
♫ Ba doo ba doo ba
♫ Doo ba doo ba doo
♫ Ba doo ba doo ba
♫ Doo bop doo be do bah
♫ It's such a happy day...♫
In the end, though, as much as I should be jealous
because it replaced me, and it's like 10,000 more adorable
than I am, she did manage to teach me
a very valuable life lesson.
If you've got a dream, no matter what it is,
go get it.
Don't let anybody hold you back.
Some people might want to come steal it from you.
But no matter what,
never let go.
Don't let go.
Okay? Don't let go.
So, thank you guys so much for watching this video.
I hope you guys like Malibu, the new member of the family.
I'll see you guys very soon.
Do you want to help me press the record button
and stop this thing?
Yep? Okay, bye!
(pop music)


My New Puppy

997 タグ追加 保存
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