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  • Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. Study 19 is like a marathon! It demands concentration

  • to accurately perform all the notes all the way to the end. Furthermore the performer

  • does so with depleted oxygen levels because the breaths are spaced so far apart. It is

  • quite a challenge to perform this study with accuracy while breathing only in the places

  • indicated.

  • In addition to practicing short sections with sprints, beat displacement with rhythms can

  • help mastery of this study. For example here are the two obvious beat divisions with rhythms

  • starting in line 7:

  • However, for even greater mastery try imposing a pattern of four notes over the triplets:

  • ... he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. (NKJV, John

  • 10:4)

  • This is the second of three reflections on hearing God's voice. If you have not listened

  • to the first reflection contained in the video on Weissenborn study #18 I encourage you to

  • do so now.

  • Here are some further summaries of the article by Harry Leesment. These comments help to

  • clarify the difference between God's voice and the destructive voices of adversaries.

  • 4. Forget the past vs. remember the past. God forgives our sins, our mistakes. The adversary

  • loves to replay "videos" of our past wrong doings.

  • 5. Attraction to God vs. rejection. The Spirit of God pulls us toward God. Evil forces convince

  • people that they are unworthy and rejected by God.

  • 6. Rightly brings the Bible vs. distorts the Bible. The Spirit of God is given to help

  • us understand the Bible. Adversaries, however, want to twist the words and their meanings.

  • 7. Draws you into fellowship vs. isolates. God wants a family, a community of those who

  • believe in Him. The adversaries want loners who are easy to destroy.

Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. Study 19 is like a marathon! It demands concentration


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ワイセンボーンスタディ#19の実践 (Practicing Weissenborn Study #19)

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