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  • In August 1945, the United States dropped two atom bombs on Japan, killing hundreds

  • of thousands of Japanese citizens and ending World War II. But despite this devastating

  • attack, less than a century later, Japan and the United States have become close political

  • and social allies. In 2011, 85% of Japanese people polled viewed the US favorably. So,

  • why doesn’t Japan hate the US?

  • One of the big reasons is that at the time of the war, Japan was ruled by Emperor Shōwa.

  • His policies plunged the country into financial crisis and increased military power. During

  • the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II he authorized war crimes and ordered Japanese

  • civilians to commit suicide instead of being captured. This made him a feared and unlikeable

  • figure in Japanese history.

  • The end of the war also had a silver lining. Neither Japan nor the US stood any chance

  • of invading each other, meaning that the protracted sea battle was going to continue indefinitely.

  • On top of that, the USSR had also just joined the war against Japan. With the war over,

  • Japan’s communist neighbors threatened their existence. But from 1945 to Japan’s independence

  • in 1952, the United States occupied and rebuilt the country with a heavy emphasis on growth

  • and stability. They promoted New Deal policies to help the economy, pushed for labor rights

  • and unions, and dismantled existing monopolies, and overhauled the education system. They

  • also freely shared technologies, pushing Japan into eventually becoming a manufacturing giant.

  • And introduced democracy and a new constitution, letting the Japanese people hold elections

  • for the first time.

  • Essentially, American involvement in post-war Japan, along with their significant financial

  • support, launched the country into one of the biggest economic recoveries in recent

  • history. Today, Japan has the fifth largest economy and is the fifth largest exporter

  • in the world. The US is Japan’s strongest economic partner, and as a result of their

  • intervention, the US has enjoyed consuming Japan’s exports, particularly cars and electronics.

  • Additionally, the two countries share a Mutual Security Assistance Pact, which essentially

  • says that both countries will militarily defend each other from any foreign attacks.

  • These efforts, in addition to lessened tensions as subsequent generations have shifted their

  • priorities, has led to a close and complementary relationship between the two countries.

  • While the United States and Japan maintain a strong relationship today, China is another

  • story. To learn about the dark and violent past between the two asian nations, check

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In August 1945, the United States dropped two atom bombs on Japan, killing hundreds


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なぜ日本はアメリカを嫌うのか? (Why Doesn't Japan Hate The US?)

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