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It is very fluid
because we only got one day to shoot it.
We've both kind of approached it like
'Let's just bounce things around' and let's see what happens.
He was being really jet-lagged, he's just came the night before,
so we had lunch at 2.30 pm or 3 o'clock and we still didn't know what are we going to shoot.
But it was pretty organic.
We knew we wanted to do something with the city, because it's such an interesting location,
and something with the light performance,
something that is using acoustics of all this different places.
We've just tried to come up with that many different places that would sound differently.
We shoot a pretty bizarre scene in the museum
when he was crossdressed and he was performing.
He was playing drums in front of the security. I don't know what they thought, but it's crazy.
Hiro said 'Come to Portugal, fly with Kiera, not a problem, it's going to be great'
and we have been touring for almost a year, so I'm happy I found that message
because you know, it's like a break, something interesting is going on here, everybody is super nice,
trying for the first time, drink more gin tonic fancy...
-What was in the tonic gin?
- Cinammon in a tonic gin. I tell you, that's a trick.
When Marc was here, we wanted to film something on this roof
but there was no stairs to go to the roof, so we climbed out of his window
and climbed up by tiles and then we filmed the performance up there.
The view was beautifl, sunset time.
All of these people, I mean locals, were kind of watching us from the windows, they're very concerned.
It was a very memorable moment.
I felt like a hooligan.
I got to eat rabbit. What do we have to do?
We've got lamb, potatoes, fish...
I'll tell you something about salted cod. I used to work in grocery store in Montreal.
They had mountains of salted cod in the back, Portuguese salted cod.
There are lot of Portuguese people in Montreal.
It smelled really strange but for some reason I had to try it because I worked there.
I tried a fish in Montreal, we cooked it really good but I'll tell you something about the fish.
Portuguese fish in Portugal...
So I'm having a great time in...
What's up baby, this is Mac D and you are watching Canal180, check it!
- Like this, get really close.
- This is actually called sketchy smoker.
-The lightning is horrifying...
- This is how people smoke in our hometown in Edmonton,
and they are kind of like 'hey man, what's up man, what are you doing dude?'


180 Interview Hiro Murai and Mac DeMarco

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