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Millennials in the workforce have routinely been accused of being everything from narcissistic
and socially inept, to hard to manage and most recently, of killing the middle manager.
Whether any of these allegations are true is up for debate,
but what is clear is that Millennials are changing the way we work and how we organize,
and these changes don’t really bode well for the boss.
We, and I’ll include myself in here, grew up in a world where if we had
a question or wanted to learn a new skill, all we had to do was go to the internet.
In some ways, we replaced authority figures like parents and teachers with computer screens,
so it makes sense that when we’d entered the workforce
we’d be less inclined to take someone’s advice or direction simply because of their title.
CEO Phil Caravaggio from Precision Nutrition found that out the hard way
when his employees challenged his ideas for marketing his own company…
He had very little experience in marketing so they were, some would say understandably, reticent.
“It no longer really matters where you are in the hierarchy,” Caravaggio says.
What seems to matter to Millennials instead, is experience, expertise, and what you can bring to the table.
Instead of a traditional pyramid structure, millennials prefer
flatter organizations with more shared responsibilities and transparency.
On the more extreme end, we call this a holacracy.
And more and more companies are adopting this model
Zappos, Whole Foods, Morningstar and other big players practice this in some form. It seems to be working.
And this can help explain why so many other companies are getting rid of managers.
As a whole, even countries, like Canada for example, are seeing fewer managers per employee.
Of course, there are other factors at play too - like the recession, which forced companies to trim the fat.
in some cases managers and technological advances that have automated and replaced
some typical manager duties like tracking performance which we can now do with data and analytics.
And maybe that’s a part of why we’re blaming Millennials too, because in some ways
the Millennial generation is intimately tied to this technological revolution and culture of efficiency.
To watch an episode on how millennials are changing the way we date, click here.
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