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  • Here we go. The thumb trick. Ready?

  • Thumb trick. Do the thumb trick.

  • Look at my thumb. Ready? Here we go. Watch it. Watch it.


  • What are you doing?

  • Thumb trick. Show her, Dad.

  • Okay, but this is the last time. Here we go. Ready?


  • I mean, Justin's gonna go full-time next year,

  • so everybody's asking when I'm gonna go back to work,

  • like I'm supposed to.

  • And I'm thinking about it. I mean, I used to work. It was okay, but...

  • You know, I think I'm better at this.

  • I mean, I think I'm sort of good at it, so...

  • But then, people make me feel embarrassed,

  • like I don't have goals or something.

  • Like I sit around here eating bonbons all day, right?

  • Oh, I don't know. Well, what does Gil say?

  • He says I should do whatever I want.

  • I could've killed him for that.

  • What are you so upset about?

  • Nathan, she's weird. She's a weird child.

  • I think a few days a week of preschool could be very helpful.

  • This is not the right age for Patty to be socially activated.

  • We went through it.

  • She's not a bomb. She's a little kid

  • who has no ability to relate to other little kids.

  • Do you want her to relate to him?

  • Help! Help! Help!

  • See, when I met him, I was a little wild.

  • I was a little out of control

  • and he kind of took me in hand.

  • I liked that. He's very commanding.

  • He got me into teaching. He got my shit together.

  • Boy, he really turned me on.

  • Really? I mean, of course, really.

  • Oh, Nathan and I used to be hot.

  • I know he doesn't look it, but...

  • I mean, we were like rabbits.

  • I used to give him,

  • you know,

  • oral,

  • you know, on the highway.

  • What?

  • You know, he was always trying to get a research grant.

  • And you thought that would help?

  • No, but... I mean, he kept getting turned down

  • and he'd get real, real tense.

  • So if I saw him getting, you know, really tense,

  • I'd just lean over while he was driving and I'd...

  • Susan. What?

  • I just spoke to your mother.

  • Grandma wants to stay over at Helen's for a while.

  • Can you drive her there tomorrow?

  • Sure. Great.

  • He likes to butt things with his head.

  • How proud you must be.

Here we go. The thumb trick. Ready?


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子育て(5/12)ムービーCLIP~彼女は変な子(1989年)HD (Parenthood (5/12) Movie CLIP - She's a Weird Child (1989) HD)

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