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  • The staff meal, the family meal, as we call it,

  • is literally a family meal.

  • I see these people more than I see my family.

  • And since I was fifteen, this has been the main meal of my life.

  • I'm 35, so almost 20 years, the main meal is

  • the time that we sit down and eat, so...

  • So, it's really important to me that we actually sit down and relax,

  • and try to have a few moments of, you know, of togetherness.

  • I think generally, the meals, the sit-down time, is quite lively.

  • You have all these chefs that are working constantly all day long, and

  • there is some banter in the kitchen during that time,

  • but when they sit down, I think that's the time where they really release.

  • Our staff is 22 nationalities, so their recommendations are anything from

  • tacos, to Chinese congee, to frikadeller (Danish meatball).

  • And the only thing I'm interested in is that we have a delicious meal.

  • I don't care what it is. It has to be well flavored,

  • and cooked with patience and commitment.

  • And, you know, I want something warm,

  • I want a dessert, and I want a salad.

  • I particularly enjoy light meals, that's not protein-rich,

  • more vegetable-based, because I get the fuel I need

  • for yet another eight hours of feeding people,

  • and the stress that there is. And then I feel light.

  • At staff meal, we always discuss food.

  • Sometimes, you know, specific ideas for the menu.

  • Other times, we just discuss the flavors of the food.

  • And it's funny, while eating food encourages more talk about food.

  • So I would say that around the table, we discuss food, as a general rule,

  • because it's close to us. But not so much the ideas.

  • You know it's rare, actually, that we talk about specific new dishes.

  • We have so many people in the kitchen from different countries,

  • and periodically, we call on these different nationalities

  • to cook something indigenous from their home country.

  • But I think the special part of having this many people in the kitchen

  • is that we will have such a wide range of staff meals.

The staff meal, the family meal, as we call it,


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