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Bobby Ralph?
Peter Lemongello. Your house is on fire.
What? They told me to tell you, your house is on fire.
I'll take over. God bless you!
God bless you for believing this shit.
There was a new element I hadn't anticipated: A second suspect.
Becky's client was not the ministry, but some secret entity called Everest Development.
She never knew who they were.
Becky was a good girl, and wouldn't have to be spanked. Damn it.
Who's gonna be the next one to get the call?
Who's gonna be the next one saved?
- Who's going to be... - T'Boo Ted Marshall.
T'Boo Ted Marshall, are you with us tonight?
Yes, indeed, Reverend.! But how can God help my problem?
T'Boo Ted is a... Compulsive gambler.
T'Boo Ted, the first you gotta do is expose that problem!
Excuse me?
If you can't expose that problem, at least to your family,
it grows and grows, and becomes an even bigger problem.!
That's true!
He's been a compulsive gambler for 20 years.
Because you've had this affliction for more than 20 years,
I think you should expose that problem to us...
right here... tonight.
I want you to do it. The good Lord wants you to do it!
- You really think so? - I know so!
Do it. Do it now!
Well, if you say so.
Oh, God, put your pants back on.!


Fletch Lives (8/10) Movie CLIP - T'boo Ted, Hemorrhoid Sufferer (1989) HD

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