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  • Bobby Ralph?

  • Peter Lemongello. Your house is on fire.

  • What? They told me to tell you, your house is on fire.

  • I'll take over. God bless you!

  • God bless you for believing this shit.

  • There was a new element I hadn't anticipated: A second suspect.

  • Becky's client was not the ministry, but some secret entity called Everest Development.

  • She never knew who they were.

  • Becky was a good girl, and wouldn't have to be spanked. Damn it.

  • Who's gonna be the next one to get the call?

  • Who's gonna be the next one saved?

  • - Who's going to be... - T'Boo Ted Marshall.

  • T'Boo Ted Marshall, are you with us tonight?

  • Yes, indeed, Reverend.! But how can God help my problem?

  • T'Boo Ted is a... Compulsive gambler.

  • T'Boo Ted, the first you gotta do is expose that problem!

  • Excuse me?

  • If you can't expose that problem, at least to your family,

  • it grows and grows, and becomes an even bigger problem.!

  • That's true!

  • He's been a compulsive gambler for 20 years.

  • Because you've had this affliction for more than 20 years,

  • I think you should expose that problem to us...

  • right here... tonight.

  • I want you to do it. The good Lord wants you to do it!

  • - You really think so? - I know so!

  • Do it. Do it now!

  • Well, if you say so.

  • Oh, God, put your pants back on.!

* Cash or check *


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Fletch Lives (8/10) Movie CLIP - T'boo Ted, Hemorrhoid Suffer (1989) HD (Fletch Lives (8/10) Movie CLIP - T'boo Ted, Hemorrhoid Sufferer (1989) HD)

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