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  • Hi there

  • would you like to learn about HD?

  • follow me! *HDYO -- What is HD?*

  • HD is a neurological condition. Crowd: A what?

  • it means it affects the brain

  • HD is genetic and we all have the gene that causes HD,

  • But some people have a gene which is longer than it should be

  • and that causes people to develop HD

  • HD is hereditary, which means that a child of someone who has HD

  • has a 50/50 chance of having HD.

  • Hang on! Why do they call it Huntington's disease? Excellent question! They call it HD because,

  • A doctor named George Huntington was the first to describe HD back in 1872

  • There are three kinds of symptoms that people with HD are affected by

  • Involuntary movements

  • Cognitive symptoms, which means thinking. And Behavioural symptoms

  • Involuntary movements, sometimes known as chorea, which is the Greek word for dance,

  • can sometimes lead to problems with balance, walking and functioning

  • Cognitive, thinking symptoms, affects your ability to plan, multi-task

  • and can impact on a person's memory

  • Behavioural symptoms can make people angry or sad

  • And can make people do things which can be out of character

  • People with HD are affected differently

  • One person may have more involuntary movements and hardly any behavioural symptoms

  • Another may have lots of behavioural symptoms and hardly any involuntary movements

  • People can get HD at any age, but usually they get it between the ages of 30 to 50

  • New research suggests there are more people with HD than previously thought

  • It is actually estimated that every 1 in 8,000 people in the world have HD

  • However, there are researchers all over the world working hard

  • To find some treatment as soon as possible

  • We hope that this video has helped you to understand what HD is!

  • Thanks for watching!

  • There are three kinds of symptoms that people with HD are affected by

  • Un... In-behavioural... woops!

  • There are three kinds of.... There are three types of...

  • HD is hereditary....

  • *Sigh* Hereditary! Hereditary!

  • HD is hereditary which means that... OK!

  • HD is hereditary... (sigh) why, at that point I can't!!

  • Excellent question! They call it Huntington... HD... Argh!

  • However, researchers... Researchers?

  • Researchers... Yep...

  • However, researchers all around the world are working hard...

  • to find some treatment as quickly as possible

Hi there


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ハンチントン病とは? (What is Huntington's Disease?)

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