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Hey this is MatSan
and welcome to our...
today we're going to talk about
I'll be the person who's talking!
let's get started
Taiwanese people are very friendly and very helpful
I think this is already the thing
that everybody kind of knows
for example
if you're lost on the street
and you're asking for direction
people will be very helpful to tell you the direction
even go with you to tell you how to get there
people might be shy
because you are a foreigner, probably
so people might be shy speaking in English with you
just remember
they always want to help you
and they're always smiling to you
like me
and the next one
is the most important one
Taiwan is the food heaven!
as you can see
from my shape
that I like to eat
everybody in Taiwan enjoys food a lot
because we got all kinds of foods
from breakfast
we have something like "breakfast restaurant"
my mom used to own one
we prepare everything you can think about
Eastern food, Western food for breakfast
sandwich, hamburger
omelette, Chinese rice balls
Chinese omelette
Chinese congee
it's like, everything you can find in the breakfast shop
it's awesome and super cheap as well
and also, of course
about those very high class restaurants
not only Chinese one
but also the exotic one
Italian, Greek
anything you want, anything you need
you can find in Taiwan
it's very nice for afternoon snack
and at night
when you're hungry in the middle of the night
you can still find street food
it's so awesome about Asia
and it saves you a lot of money
so that's why lots of university students
we don't really cook
I didn't know how to cook when I was in uni
because you can find street food anywhere
for your dinner, for your lunch
yea it's super awesome
nightmarket, you can find everything
so about food
you can also find lots of weird things
for example
the insects
we deep fried some insects
grasshopper for example
spider as well
I don't really eat that
but you can find them easily
other thing is like
we use very salty water
and to...
process the chicken
in Chinese it's called
other than the chicken meat itself
they also sell something else like
chicken eggs, I mean the ovum
also the chicken intestine
you know
those huge tubes
inside your body
to process poops
about food, you can find a lot of creepy stuff there
othe things
you can buy all the...
life grocery
and it's super, super cheap in nightmarket as well
you can buy fancy clothes in nightmarket
we will say
the very traditional
very authentic stuff
you can find it in the nightmarket
it will surprise you a lot
the landscape in Taiwan
you can find everything
you can find big city
it's already with very awesome skyscrapers
very well builded
well developed
with metro
with great transportation
and bus
so if you like city life
you can go to those big cities in Taiwan
if you want to enjoy the urban, country side, village views
we have lots of them as well
in the small village
you can find those great forest, great trees
quite different style than the Western forest
but it's also like
tropical style of forest
you can find it in Taiwan
and perfect mountains
one of them is snowing (actually more than1!)
at the Eastern side of Taiwan
you can find cliffs
which is like
next to the cliffs
you can see the perfect ocean view
from there
pretty difficult to go there
you need to take train
or by driving
but it's really worthy to see that in Taiwan
and you can also find plains
at the Western side of Taiwan
you can find beach
pretty much at the whole Western coast
you can find beach
and a very popular beach spot
is at the Southest side of Taiwan
it's called
great for surfing
great for....just chillin
and it's already like a tourism place
I would say
if you like tropical style
but you also want to see all kinds of things
Taiwan got everything
it's like
all in one
a package for you
what are you doing
because of our history root
we used to be colonized by
Eastern and Western countries
including Japan
also originally we came from Main land China
so you can see all kinds of culture mixed together
about buildings, about people's state of mind
to things
you can see those Dutch buildings still
for example in Tainan you can see that
not even mention about traditional temples
and also about those Japanese style
you can see it everywhere
also about people
we used to be fans of Japanese style
about the culture, outfit itself
right now it's more like Korean style
but also we're very open-minded about
Western culture as well
so the conclusion is
don't be afraid that
if you go to Taiwan
people might be conservative
people might be pretty close about you
no matter where you come from
people are very willing to listen to you
people are very willing to accept your culture
accept your country
and we find it very interesting
to communicate
with people from different countries around the world
night life in Taiwan
you can say
it's like 711
this convenient store
they always mention
they're like
they're not resting at all
it's also representing the life in Taiwan
people are so active at night
when I was in Taiwan
if I don't have to go to work
if I don't have to go to study
I can go to sleep at 3 or 4am
lots of people are having great time at night
not only going to the night club
people just
want to
wandering on the street
walk on the street
or eating street food on the street
just having some fun on the street
because there are lots of people outside
in the midnight, after midnight
so you feel quite safe
at night as well
when I come to Poland
the first thing I couldn't get used to that much is
European are sleeing, after 10pm
not so many people are on the street
people rather stay at home
but I feel way healthier when I'm here
because I go to sleep so early
I will say it's very convenient for you
because you can
still buy lots of things
in the middle of the night
to be honest
everybody got a little bit of Taiwan
in their mobile device
because there are lots of small things
like processor
lots of them are produced in Taiwan
not even mention about
the whole product
you can see
the brands from Taiwan
they're already well known brand worldwide
you can actually find lots of cheap price
about those technology things in Taiwan
in Taipei, there's a shopping mall called
they sell all kinds of things
and super cheap
if you want to buy cheap camera
cheap pendrive
cheap phone
you can visit that place
and you can find lots of great things
hope you guys enjoy the video
you learn something about Taiwan
it's really not a scary place to go
English is available in Taiwan
people might not speak in great accent
but it's totally understandable
so if we come up with some other things about Taiwan
of course we're gonna make another video for you
we've got lots of ideas recently
thanks everybody who comments on the video
who likes our video
and who...
subscribe our channel
thank you guys so much
we're very happy that
some people are sharing their thoughts with us
publicly, privately
we're very happy to interact with you guys
it's really nice
it feels like we're making lots of friends right now
so sad
we're so lonely here
please, for this video
we love you!
see you, byebye!


8 Things You'll Like About Taiwan!

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