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  • Fast forward to 2050.

  • The world’s population has grown to 9 billion.

  • That’s 2 billion more people added to the planet over the last 40 years.

  • In addition, millions of people are enjoying a better standard of living.

  • So energy demand has shot up, doubling our current rate.

  • At the same time, scientists believe that CO2 emissions will need to be halved to avoid serious climate change.

  • What’s shaping that future?

  • Millions of people across the developing world are improving their quality of life.

  • They are buying their first fridge, computer or car.

  • If we all continue to use energy the way we do today,

  • energy demand by 2050 could rise by even moreperhaps as much as three times the current rates.

  • Shell’s scenario planners think a big gap between energy supply and demand could emerge.

  • That gap will have to be closed - either by demand being forced down or supply being ramped up. Or some mix of both.

  • But just how that will happen is uncertain. So, the world will face a zone of uncertainty.

  • We will have to draw on many different sources of energy to meet our needs.

  • By 2050, a third of the global energy mix could come from renewables.

  • Fossil fuels and nuclear power are likely to make up the rest.

  • The future will also call for greater energy efficiency and more lower CO2 options.

  • How is Shell responding?

  • The challenge is a big one, which the world will have to tackle together.

  • At Shell, we are working with partners to deliver more energy,

  • investing heavily over the next few years to develop new sources of oil and gas.

  • We are producing more natural gas,

  • which represents cleaner energy as it emits up to 70% less carbon dioxide than coal in power plants.

  • We are developing smarter energy through products and services that help our customers get the most out of the energy they use,

  • boosting efficiency and cutting their CO2 emissions.

  • Innovation from Shell...

  • Helping meet the world’s growing energy needs in a responsible way.

Fast forward to 2050.


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未来へのエネルギー (Energy for the future)

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