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  • We've received reports that the orcs are regrouping.

  • Certainly the recent attacks against the internment camps are evidence enough.

  • Agreed. The Horde is on the move.

  • This is absurd!

  • My nation will not stand by and watch as the Horde masses on our very doorstep!

  • The orcs are not our primary concern here!

  • How many times must I repeat myself?

  • King Terenas, you must heed my warning!

  • This plague that has gripped the northlands could have dire ramifications.

  • Plague? You wizards are just being paranoid!

  • Let's keep all this in perspective.

  • ven if this "plague" does pose a threat to us,

  • what are you proposing that we do?

  • It is simple.

  • As I have said, the Kirin Tor are already prepared to place the villages under strict quarantine.

  • I will not institute quarantine without proof of your claims, Ambassador.

  • The people of Lordaeron have suffered enough without becoming prisoners in their own lands.

  • Yet, prisoners they are, good king.

  • What is the meaning of this? Who are you?

  • Humanity is in peril!

  • The tides of darkness have come again,

  • and the whole world is poised upon the brink of war!

  • Enough of this! Guards, remove this madman!

  • Hear me!

  • The only hope for your people is to travel west

  • to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.

  • Travel west?! Are you mad?

  • Hold, Ambassador! I don't know who you are or what you believe,

  • but this is not the time for rambling prophets.

  • Our lands are beset by conflict,

  • but it shall be we who decide how best to protect our people,

  • not you! Now begone!

  • I failed humanity once before, and I will not do so again.

  • If you cannot take up this cup, then I shall find another who will.

  • The warning has been given.

  • Their fate is now their own.

We've received reports that the orcs are regrouping.


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字幕] 魔獸爭霸 Warcraft III - 警告 警告 (3/9) ([字幕] 魔獸爭霸 Warcraft III - 警告 The Warning (3/9))

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