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  • Say goodnight, Hobbs. Bomb!

  • Elena, got you!

  • Hobbs, my legs are broken.

  • The fires ran to the car. I can't...

  • Let's ride, family. Yeah,baby!

  • Oh shit! We're at the mercy of the wind.


  • Release! Release!

  • Fuck! I miss the road.

  • Where you are, family?

  • Ok, we got to regroup fami....

  • You gonna have to jump!

  • I can't see!

  • You keep working on the security system.

  • I'll hold off undefeated UFC champion Ronda Rousey.

  • Be careful. Don't worry, I'm a mechanic.

  • Once we jump to that other skyscraper.

  • We roll out! Got it? As a family.

  • Roll out, family...

  • Listen up, family. I'm gonna to escape out in adverse. Brush past the enemy helicopter in midair.

  • Extract this bag of grenades to his leg.

  • Then you shoot the bag when I land safely cross the street. Got it? Got it!

  • Shit! I can't accelerate as fast as the collapse of the building.

  • Shit! I survived the collapse, but the brick knock the pin out of the grenades!

  • Maybe I can put it back...

  • Shit! I survived that, but the explosion lead the attention of the helicopter.

Say goodnight, Hobbs. Bomb!


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もしもFurious 7のスタントが現実的だったら (If Furious 7's Stunts Were Realistic)

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