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Meeting new people can be intimidating.
Instead of worrying about how to make yourself feel comfortable,
shift your attitude to focus on making the people around you feel comfortable.
How To Impress Everyone You Meet
Approaching People
If you're on your own at a party, join groups of three or more that typically more open to a new person.
Good job!
When it's just two people, an unexpected third can feel like a crowd.
Don't wait for people to approach you. Approach them!
Smile warmly, stand up straight, and make eye contact.
Good things come to those who initiate.
Here! Have a beer!
Remember these words.
"So how about you?"
Invite them to tell you about themselves.
And to go in that direction that they're excited to go in.
Well, this is awkward.
One easy remedy for an awkward silence is food.
Recipes, diets, restaurants. Everyone has something to say about food.
On The Phone
Stand and smile on phone interviews.
This improves the quality of your voice, and will make you sound more confident.
Wait three seconds before answering questions.
It helps you process the question and you won't seem rushed or nervous.
In A Circle
When standing in a circle of people, open it up to allow a new person in.
You'll make a great impression on that person, and on the other people in the circle.
Make a graceful exit.
My mom plays ice hockey.
When exiting a conversation, interrupt yourself, not them.
Make it clear that you enjoy the conversation, and that you have a reason for leaving.
...but I have to go to work. But it was great to meet you.
Great meeting you.
See ya!
Nice guy!
What a gentleman!
If I had a daughter, I would let her date him.
Oh my god! I was like "what we're gonna talk about?"
Sandwiches come flying out of nowhere.



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