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  • Joe: How to beat a lobber in tennis. A lobber in tennis is someone

  • who, every time you come to the net, they consistently try to hit it

  • over your head with a lob or when you're at the baseline, you'll hit a

  • hard shot and the only way they can defend against that hard shot is to

  • send up a lob. How do you beat that? If you're at the baseline, and

  • you hit a hard shot and they just lob it back hoping to restart the

  • point, you can come in and take the ball out of the air with what I call

  • a swinging volley. Don't let that lob bounce because you're just going

  • to have to restart the point back up and restart that point. Come in,

  • as the ball is dropping, catch it at about eye level to chest level and

  • take a swinging volley out of the air and put it away. The other thing

  • is if you come up on an approach shot, a lobber will always choose to

  • lob over your head. So, know thy opponent. Don't come in too far.

  • Stay somewhat near the service line expecting the lob, which you'll

  • probably get, and execute an overhead smash. Put the ball away. The

  • key to beating a lobber is to not let that lob take effect. Take it out

  • of the air from the baseline. You're going to come up to the net and

  • hit an overhead smash. What do you think Kurt?

  • Kurt: I like it and sometimes you play somebody who's going to just try

  • even when you're on the baseline to lob it back. Lob it back. With that

  • player, every once in a while, you will back up a little bit and you

  • have to feel a little proficient at sending a good lob. This is the one

  • time, you can probably hit a good lob, let's say, to his back end, maybe

  • even with a little top spin and that height gives you time to come in

  • and like Joe said, don't come too close to the net. Stop around the

  • service line. Chances are, a lob this coming. He's not going to beat

  • you with a lob if you're only on the service line when he hits it.

  • Joe: That's right and I have gone to a lot of junior tournaments and at

  • the young age, the lob is a very effective shot because the players

  • don't have enough power to come in and take it out of the air often

  • because they're young and the ball tends to bounce over their heads a

  • lot. I am teaching my younger students as they get older, maybe 13 or

  • 14, to try to take that swinging volley and try to work on their

  • overhead smash. How to beat a lobber -take it out of the air, get up to

  • the service line and hit some overhead smashes.

  • ?

Joe: How to beat a lobber in tennis. A lobber in tennis is someone


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ロバーを倒す方法|テニスレッスン (How to Beat a Lobber | Tennis Lessons)

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