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  • We all eat right? But have you ever wondered why we eat?

  • I mean some animals only eat plants, others just eat other animals, and some creatures

  • eat both plants and meat. But the thing is, all animals, including humans, eat.

  • And we don't just eat because we're hungry, or bored, or tired, or it tastes good. Although

  • I could really go for a slice of pizza right now. We eat because we need food to live.

  • More exactly, we need the energy that food gives our bodies to grow, move, and stay warm.

  • You've probably figure this out already from the things you've heard about how and when

  • we eat. Like you've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or

  • you might know that runners will 'carb load' before a big race. But food is necessary for

  • all living things, all the time.

  • You may have noticed that your collection of cool rocks that you have under your bed,

  • never needs a lunch of club sandwiches and baby carrots. That's because they're nonliving

  • things.

  • But food is most definitely a necessity for animals, and plants too. Even though we don't

  • think of plants as 'eating' because they don't have mouths, they still need food to grow

  • and repair themselves, just like we do. In fact plants make a nifty model that can help

  • us understand how the energy from food affects living things.

  • To see how food affects plants, we can test what happens when they get more or less food.

  • Plants get most of their food from the sun, water, and carbon dioxide in the air. More

  • on that another time.

  • But to test how food affects plants for yourself, you can use liquid plant food, that way you

  • can control how much food or nutrients a plant gets.

  • So consider this little investigation.

  • Say you have two little plastic cups filled with potting soil, and you planted a lima

  • bean seed in each one, then you give each plant a different amount of food. Plant number

  • one will be your control, that means that you don't give it any additional food at all,

  • just a little water and sunlight, and it will do what plants do all on its own. Then you

  • can make plant two your extra food plant. Ask your parents for some liquid plant fertilizer

  • and add the recommended amount to plant two.

  • Now it you kept watering and feeding your plants the same amount for, say, four weeks,

  • what do you think will happen? Would you expect both of the plants to grow the same amount?

  • Or would one grow more than the other? If so, which ones?

  • Well, what you'd find is that plant two grew bigger than plant one because living things

  • need food to give them energy, so they can repair themselves and stay healthy, and in

  • this case, grow. So with more food, plant two got more energy, and that allowed it to

  • grow bigger. Now got eat your vegetables.



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食べてみた!- クラッシュコースキッズ 1.1 (Gotta Eat! - Crash Course Kids 1.1)

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