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I'm obsessive, I'm possessive.
But I like my child to be independent.
My child looks happy to me
Very strict, very much disciplined.
I am a loving and a doting mother.
but a perfectionist, that's a problem.
I emphasize a lot of things that he has to do now, that irritate him sometimes.
It's me who has to understand that she's just a kid.
I am the elder one here.
I really feel I'm very low on patience.
I get angry very soon.
I think I don't give him enough time.
I'm just so busy.
Actually, the problem is that I'm a control freak.
So sometimes that silent hyperness shows in
my body language, my stress.
I would love to go on a long, long,
long holiday with him.
And I think because of me,
they've really gone through a lot of emotional..
They've really gone through a lot of emotional trauma.
So I really feel very very sorry
that I couldn't give them
happy, complete life.
What kind of a mom I am?
That's a big question.
My mother is a ninja
She is quite attachable.
She's amazing, very beautiful.
I Love Her
We both play geography games.
We go shopping.
She's really cool and my friends
want such a mother
My mother calls me a cartoon.
Because when I do mischief she calls me a cartoon.
I want to be like my mumma when I grow up.
My mom is very hardworking.
She is very cool.
She's very loving.
The best thing about my mom is that
she completes all my wishes.
I do my best as a mother, what I can do.
For me, my daughter is
my bestest friend.
Whatever, wherever and however they are,
one person who is never, ever gonna leave their back is me.
Happy mother's day, mom.
I love you and you're my supermom.
Happy mother's day!
Happy mother's day. Love you.
Happy mother's day mumma, I love you a lot.
Happy mother's day with all our heart.



Why Every Mother is A Supermom | Happy Mother's Day

11192 タグ追加 保存
Ashley Chen 2015 年 5 月 10 日 に公開
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