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Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases video series for Japanese businesspeople.
And today's phrase is it depends on,
which is a very important one that all Japanese businesspeople should know. OK.
But before we do that, let's do our usual test.
So tell me someone who's open to new ideas.
Your father? Your friend?
Your colleague? Your boss?
It's actually a hard question. I can't think of anyone who's open to new ideas.
OK, but I hope you can. OK.
So today's phrase is it depends on.
Very useful.
OK. And like I said, every Japanese business people should know this
because you use it every time. OK?
Because this is what I always hear if I ask Taro. If Taro's working late.
I say, Taro, Hey do you always work late?
And he says Ah. It's case-by-case.
OK now, case-by-case
is kind of, I mean, we do say that in English we say yeah on a case by case basis.
But the Japanese use it all the time, every time case-by-case case by case
we don't use it like that. OK.
There's a better way to express this.
And it's like this. So if I say Taro, do you always work late?
You can say, well, it depends on the day.
Just like that. It's much more natural.
Well, it depends on the situation. It depends on the season. It depends on something
Or it depends.
Well, it depends is okay too.
So let's look at pronunciation.
So well...
with a pause. And here you could stretch this. You could say well...
if you're thinking well with a pause.
It depends on
You see that? Depends on. It's dependson.
Well, it depends on the day.
You try.
One more time. Well, it depends on the day.
OK, so I'm going to ask you. So do you always work late?
OK. Very good.
So, for homework, I want you to tell me
What does your work schedule depend on? Does it depend on the sales volume of your company?
Does it depend on your boss? Does it depend on the season? OK?
Think about it and give me an answer in our next lesson.
OK. Thank you.


Bizmates無料英語学習 Words & Phrases Tip 5 "It depends on ..."

750 タグ追加 保存
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