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  • Hello! This is Red

  • Today we are playing the Ultimate Stage! The Tragedy of Solomon!

  • Sorry if you are bad at English

  • Since this stage is for oversea players, I'm using English

  • Ok now we're in Battle 1/7

  • This trio isn't really that scary

  • All of them only hurt you about 13,000 damages

  • I need to ready my skills

  • Going to 'mess around' for a while XD

  • That was close! o.O

  • There! It's only you and me!

  • Reflect 15%, not a good thing

  • LAG!!!!!!!!!

  • That's why I don't trust my dad!

  • He only gave me second-handed phones!

  • This is already the best phone I got so far

  • Bye~

  • In Battle 3/7 we got 2 soldiers with bestowment

  • They totally hurt you with over 20,000 damages

  • As bad as reflection

  • Done

  • Here we got a monster with Phantom

  • It seems not that bad, but what if it hurts you with over 46,000 damages?

  • Wow that's some high defence we got there

  • Looks like I need to use my skills = =

  • Yep, I do skills for the bills

  • ....

  • Fair enough, I've prepared for that

  • (Smashing chairs and tables behind the camera)

  • 7+ combo shield, not a big deal for Greek Gods

  • 6 combos!

  • It didn't even drop me 1 combo!

  • 6 combos again?!

  • Ok MadHead!

  • I won't let you play with my feelings!

  • Why can you not even drop 1 combo....

  • CRAP! I forgot to use my skill!

  • My diamonds.... TT.TT

  • How many times did this happen?!

  • Why....

  • OMG!

  • Why would this happen?

  • I got no faith on my team already.... Orz


  • Here! We got Tumble 25%

  • It's pretty easy actually, only if you are not lack of heart runestones

  • Do skills for the bills!

  • OMG LAG!!!!

  • Let's do this Solomon!

  • Descend from the sky with thunder!

  • Nice

  • Oh also, stop pretending to be a woman! We all know you're a man!

  • LAG!!!!

  • I love the slow motion

  • Thinking....

  • Asking my friend for suggestions

  • If I should use Sean's skill or Dragonary Craft

  • Solomon! You're mine!

  • Job done! Show's over!

  • If you like this video, please leave a big, fat thumbs up!

  • Alos, please subscribe to my channel for more TOS videos!

  • Bye~

Hello! This is Red


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救世主の塔 アルティメットステージ ソロモンの悲劇 ダイヤ2個パス (Tower of Saviors Ultimate Stage The Tragedy of Solomon 2 diamonds passed)

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