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  • Passion can be interpreted in many ways.

  • Some people have passion about something,

  • while others feel passionate towards a particular thing in their life.

  • My passion is the pursuit of excellence.

  • From a young age I was taught that to succeed in life

  • you have to find something you love and follow that dream.

  • At the age of three I was placed in my first ballet class,

  • and this is where my passion began.

  • One of the first things that you are taught to do in dance was to skip.

  • Now, skipping seems so easy.

  • You hop on one foot; you hop on the other.

  • But to young and uncoordinated children, this is a really terrifying experience.

  • After hours of practicing around my house

  • I finally mastered the art of skipping.

  • The feeling of accomplishment that I had at this moment of my life

  • is what continues to motivate me to this day.

  • That's why I am willing to train so hard at my dance studio day and night

  • and to wake up early hours in the morning to finish school work.

  • I love the feeling of succeeding and excelling in everything that I do.

  • OK, so my passion is the pursuit of excellence.

  • Great, but how does this affect all of you?

  • Well, what I am here to share with you today

  • is what I have found to be the keys to success.

  • Pursuing your own excellence means putting passion

  • behind everything that you do.

  • Anyone is capable of excelling

  • through hard work, determination and effort.

  • If you display these three traits

  • and if you focus at the task in hand,

  • I promise you, you will be able to succeed

  • in anything you want to do in your life.

  • Now this may mean missing out on some leisurely activities

  • that we all like to do.

  • But I promise you that you will look back on your accomplishments

  • and realize that these had impacted you so much more

  • than that TV show you would have watched

  • or the computer game you would have played.

  • When I was a junior in high school,

  • college planning is something that's a major part of my life.

  • I've found that because I've pursued my own excellence throughout my childhood.

  • I have many opportunities as to what path I can take in my future.

  • Dance has been an integral part of my life from a young age

  • and clearly exemplifies how I pursue my own excellence.

  • I want to share with you today

  • the product of my hard work and determination thus far in my life.

  • I hope that you take from this

  • the inspiration to pursue your own excellence.

  • Thank you.

  • (Music)

  • (Applause)

Passion can be interpreted in many ways.


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