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  • Oh snap! Are you Jeremy Lin???

  • I am Lin Shu Hao

  • I am studying English. Do you know what Double-Double means?

  • Yah, double-double is basically when you get two of the 5 in the statistical categories in basketball

  • For an example, if you get 10 points in 10-6, it shows that you did two things really really well.

  • Oh I see. So double-double means doing two things well at the same time.

  • Yah I guess that could work. I mean for me, I'm working on my jump shot and my ability to jive.

  • Because if I can do both things at once, it makes me a more complete player.

  • Oh ya I get it. I am also a good student!

  • and a very good basketball player!

  • I am Lin Shu Hao. and we are double-double.

Oh snap! Are you Jeremy Lin???


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ジェレミー・リン 林書豪 ダブルダブル|ジェレミーは北京語を話す|英語と北京語の練習会話 (Jeremy Lin 林書豪 Double Double | Jeremy speaks Mandarin | English and Mandarin Practice Conversation)

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