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What would you love to do in London?
Kaplan International English asked our students to create their perfect day in the capital.
Start your day with a river cruise down the Thames to the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben.
Take a tour inside one of the world's most historic buildings.
Want to get the London look?
Catch a cab to Oxford Street and enjoy an unrivalled shopping experience.
Drop those bags and take the Routemaster bus to Hyde Park; enjoy one of the city's largest green spaces.
There's even boating and swimming.
Take the tube to Holborn and spend an hour at the British Museum.
View a vast collection of world art and artifacts for free.
It's lunch time!
You can walk to Covent Garden and try one of the many restaurants.
Italian, Asian or modern-British?
It's your choice!
Jump on the back of a rickshaw to the West End and watch Mamma Mia!
Sing along to all the Abba classics.
Let's continue that musical mood!
Hop on a Boris bike towards the Royal Albert Hall.
Enjoy a classic concert in an iconic venue.
There's still time to party so take the next bus to Soho.
It's been a long day, but there's so many bars to choose from!
Do you agree with Kaplan's students?
Describe your dream day in London.
Visit Kaplan.do/ilovelondon



ロンドンでするべき8つのこと (8 Great Things to do in London)

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