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laminate may be hard to imagine the biggest names in hollywood struggling to
land roles but nelson never before seen audition tapes are hitting the auction
block revealing a very different sides of some of your favorite stars darren
jillian and martin nolan are from chileans auction house guys good to have
you back what governor
fifty four of these audition tapes going up for auction
from one the casting director who's now retired
he wants to remain remain anonymous why was actually three casting directors but
they passed in the biggest films in hollywood
and the reason they want to remain anonymous is because
you know the reason making stars about the stars and sells so uh... you know
it's it's disappointed some itself by the people selling these states now for
a special reason just a generate some can
ash we talked him into it actually okay i've got a retired so if the retirement
funds and i don't know let's get to the first lady outsiders coming of age will
be back in nineteen eighty-three starring matt dillon
ralph much he'll rob lowe in tom cruise by black people don't realize it was
also a short live television season that aired on fast for season in nineteen
and one of today's biggest stars on the planet
audition for the role of poli polite take a look
social status is saying
finding a jail
through the figure it
people for it
carry all the cherry hill new method
there's a lot more responsibility has to go ahead of time unless you are
still there
landscapers dot the road melbourne
and by the way that the t_v_ series is produced by francis ford coppola
and dicaprio didn't get apartment pilot but it was a small part that's exactly
right you short lived on the fourteen th
episodes i let's move on to pack traffic it from
uh... the nineteen ninety seven or sixty thousand only one nineteen ninety one
about chicago firefighter starring billy baldwin robert de niro but believe it or
not a lot of eight listers or hoping to get parts take a look
it's the same stations
apart commissioners sex
refuse for us
i mean for a while
steady bills for studio five
bush continents
minded just
he's okay
nobody cares
and let's talk about some of these parent what it is
hillary's harm the cap
auditioning bearing her with the director of the movie was ride that's
whose robert downey junior and breaks a record another time that the royal
billy baldwin dot hypocrisy 'cause i knew it was because he looked like more
like he could be corporals brother now is it was a common or is it common for
an actor to addition with the director of the movie like that part of the well
in this case uh... robert downey junior
partition three times for the role
uh... with to price with ron howard and i think it is because they were really
cancers are considered him for that role niger rested park a blockbuster films
nineteen ninety-three some huge stars trying out for the role of doctor bailey
instead of saying which ones let's take a look at the tapes
gets kathleen
canadian missus racially hair species specific behavior that scares identifier
we hear an accessory here
yes that's right
what does this sound
customer fitzgerald
that helen hunt we start with cultural before your you're putting fourteen of
these audition tapes this movie together what kind of money
do you think this is going to generate one jurassic park right by the card
issued its we disagree two to four thousand conservative but it could
b four to ten thousand dollars you never know had never sold something like this
so is it's a it's hard to say by let's take a look at another one this is uh...
an iconic eighties filmed a sure thing
its star john q_ secondly as a love struck college freshman did that here is
the first
starring role for this guy he had immediate chemistry
with his co-star
in the film death meet zuniga take a look at the addition tanner
from day one obviously was starting that movie let's move on nineteen ninety
nicole kidman made a name for himself in the movie days of thunder but she did
not take the role in the movie shattered
in the following year that role went to greta sachi and actually she was offered
the part here's her audition
thank you
desensitize badiya i'll ask my sense of how my last
she was offered a but didn't take it what
once you do take the role in jesus have tucked under at this much i would say
that a fair an inspection to make some crews of course and fifty three three
movies together
presidency where how harshness years that's not the senses given it all right
there says yeltsin professional she had the waterworks gardner and finally
russell crowe and jennifer connelly both audition for their parts
that they'll tulip ultimately got in a beautiful mind take a look at the
hike the casting director did pretty good job here because russell crowe
actually wonderful golden globe for his role and
jennifer connelly you've got the supporting actress
and academy award for best supporting actress and the golden globes russell
stover wards i think it's fun i think people are going to have a good time
looking at this i mean they know the stars as megawatt stars right now but
you know at some point they all had to go in front of a smiles on camera and
actually auditioned for role fasteners in europe and they're going out to book
next week we're uh...
for the saturday they prefer to sixty-five every house we appreciate it
doesn't always good to have you here


Secret audition tapes of top Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

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