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  • If you're at a party this summer and wanna grab someones attention, you could try charming

  • the crowd with an improvised pan flute, or you could go for a more direct approach.

  • In this project, we're turning bottle caps and drink cans, into sports-style party whistles,

  • that'll give you the power you need, to summon the attention you deserve

  • Were all familiar with the termlifehacksbut this summer, the guys at mike’s hard

  • lemonade asked me to help put a refreshing twist on it with what theyre callingmikehacks"

  • "Mikehack" basically a lifehack that makes any social occasion, more awesome.

  • I tried hot gluing some glass bottles together, and found that yes, they really can work as

  • a pan flute. It's a pretty awesome idea, but can be pretty messy and take up a lot of space. So

  • let's try making another kind of party favor, that's just as awesome, but a little easier

  • to manage. We'll need to start this project with an empty aluminum drink can. Now if we

  • use something like a pair of scissors to make some strategic cuts, we can harvest a lightweight

  • sheet of aluminum metal. Now before you throw the scraps away, make sure you save a tab

  • or two, because we'll need those for measurements, in just a minute.

  • Alright, let's cut a long narrow strip from the sheet metal, making sure the edges are

  • as straight as possible, then cut a smaller, stubbier piece as well. You can see the long

  • strip is the width of a single can tab, while the smaller piece is as wide, and as tall,

  • as two pieces laid side by side. We need to join these pieces together with

  • the smaller rectangle centered on top, about a quarter inch down from the end. The two

  • sides wrap around the back holding it in place, and now you can snip the top corners off,

  • if you feel like it, and finish up by folding the tab over to lock everything together.

  • We've just formed the mouthpiece for our whistle. Now let's grab the other end of the strip

  • and push it back through the mouth piece, being careful not to bend it. You'll see what

  • we're going to do with this, in just a minute. Alright, it's time to get busy with our bottle

  • caps. I tried using a pair of scissors to snip the sides, and cut a little notch in

  • each cap, so when the two bottoms are lined up, they form a round container with a symmetrical

  • hole at the top. Let's bring back the piece we made earlier

  • and fit the barrel inside one of the caps, then expand it so it completely fills the

  • inside. Now that we know it fits together nicely, we can line the inside of the cap

  • with some hot-glue, then place the rounded strip back in position.

  • When the glue has hardened, it should look like this.

  • Now this is the point where we form the noise maker. Carefully cut the strip so it lines

  • up with the top of the notch, then pull the scrap part out of the mouthpiece.

  • There's only one thing left to do, and that's to add hot-glue to the other cap, and press the two

  • pieces firmly together, making sure the notches line up symmetrically. Now for one last embellishment,

  • I tried cutting one of the tabs in half, and hot-gluing it to the back, so now we have

  • the option of adding a lanyard. That'll just make it fully accessible, anytime we want it.

  • The whistle works by directing air through

  • the mouthpiece, and splitting it over the sharp edge of the metal. Not only does it

  • look good, but it actually sounds good too. If you try rolling your tongue when you blow,

  • it'll sound a lot like a referee's whistle, and it's really, really loud.

  • Well now you know how to convert your cans and bottle caps, into colorful and customizable party whistles,

  • that'll summon you attention when you need it, and make a great conversation piece when

  • you don't. Well that's it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some

  • of my others. Check them out at

If you're at a party this summer and wanna grab someones attention, you could try charming


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ボトルキャップパーティー用ホイッスルの作り方!「ボトルキャップパーティー用ホイッスル」の作り方 (How to Make a Bottle-Cap Party Whistle!)

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