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Do you think your project can improve
municipal services and quality of life in the city of Barcelona?
Do you want to test it in a real environment?
The Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Urban Lab,
offers public space for you to develop it.
Barcelona Urban Lab offers the city to develop pilots in it
for entrepreneurs and companies
that want to learn locally in order to compete globally
and to scale the solutions in Barcelona
for the rest of the cities of the world.
The pilot developed at the Barcelona Urban Lab
consists of an intelligent urban waste management system
composed by an active sensor which tells us
how full the dumpsters are and it transmits in real time
the information to the management applications
of the service company running the waste collection service.
It was very important to find the first users of our technology.
Our system is based on wireless sensors
installed in each parking spot
and they detect the occupancy of the parking places
and communicate wirelessly this information to a data centre.
The information returns to the citizen through mobile applications
and also panels on the streets.
We were able to work together with different companies
and the synergies generated improved the system.
Bitcarrier is a private company
which provides a real time traffic information
and management system based on wireless networks.
Citizens will have the information of traffic in real time
and also local authorities will be able to manage traffic
more efficiently so as to eliminate congestion.
The pilot test is now a real product
that is being sold in the market.
The objective of SIIUR project is to create
a smart city environment based on lighting systems
and new ICT services and applications:
sensors, electrical vehicles or Wi-Fi communications
to maintain the city and offer new services to the citizens.
And we can try the systems before launching them in the market.
We have participated in the Barcelona Urban Lab
with a pilot consisting of an improved noise monitoring system
to make real time sound maps of the city.
This is also the best showroom we could have had
to demonstrate our capabilities to our potential customers.
We believe that any pilot in the city of Barcelona
will be a big opportunity to attract investment and also
to boost opportunities for economic promotion.
If your project is innovative, addresses an unmet municipal need,
must be tested on the streets and has not yet been launched
propose your pilot program.
You just have to fill out the form available at the website.
Don't miss out on this opportunity.
Test it in the Barcelona Urban Lab.


Barcelona Urban Lab (opencities)

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