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the worst NBA contracts up the 21st century
Bennett Jr here I know that they have a fantastic take on all the so let's start
with number ten
Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks signed a five-year $99 million dollar
in 2010 he is head injuries he has not had good chemistry with coaches
Mike D'Antoni more target have chemistry with him but entirely as a style
and dads I had a job at style okay well at work didn't with that worked in
it was exciting and FedEx and there was something exciting because I'm re: in
NASH for younger
okay well I mean then then then don't hire him unless you got us
I agree don't hire him and what i mean put together a team that fits that style
but they were obviously you love Mike they thought it was earlier Headley
thing the Lakers but knows the higher for
now is a great day for Lakers but along to number nine I believe we've wasted
enough time on
marched on my Ben Wallace this is horrible four-year $60 million dollar
contract he was 33 years old
at the start of the deal they brought him in to replace Tyson Chandler
and course portables do when they got Tyson Chandler remember
Tyson Chandler medicare who they trade helping Brent
all-star Elton Brand young youthful common ground
this was obviously terrible because you're paying a guy just to rebound
block shots you're not paying for any sort of offense whatsoever
and not only that they could play man late in the fourth quarter and in
he's like the modern-day Carlos Boozer with no of it will you can't play in
us because they they follow gets lonely opposition to the subtlest
I mean will see the rest goes to but a lot of times
the times I i mean in seeing this historic it is not to all
33 forgot he didn't have his you would think that his game
rebounding and blocked shots might last longer than guys
who needed to be quick enough court like that so I I actually didn't mind
his weight is not my head no it didn't work out we needed
you know i mean denies it has a mind it either as a ball yeah and saying COGIC
the maybe didn't work out first contact that should have been done a process I
think I these maybe should have been done
I give Mr the money a given but also what I mean look
yet a guy and and then was just came up a championship but yeah
ones are you going to pay me the n you had it for the both movies for the both
yet this is Robert who didn't give any of it either but he disagreed on the gay
side effects
it was awesome another former ball Eddy Curry in 2005 sign with the New York
Knicks simply could not stay in shape
this was an Isaiah Thomas signing Ben first year of his contract 20 points per
game seven rebounds per game and then after that it was just a bit more the
next two seasons
he played at 10 games apiece president thomas was a horrendous coach
a horrendous executive yes to read and now you're on NBA TV just well that's
yeah I know I K acceptable I like you to know basketball but I mean
to talk about it certainly talk about a game but I mean just horrendous and you
could tell by the way he went about his business that he didn't know what he was
doing I feel like
the times didn't we think his at night and I think it was more lines of
I like this guy I met him we get along great for dinner
the truth fun missile huntsville is going to be two more on this list by the
way they came with Isaiah Thomas number seven
dear to Ben's heart former Washington wizard Larry Hughes
five years seventy million dollar contract in 2006
in his contract year seems like it happens all the time I'd love to do clip
on this but our guys the evidence is
all is not know it's okay well it certainly seems like it was a very
slight increase in performance depending on how you look at you across all sports
rose last year of okay
it seems like it happened in baseball larry is was like a $14.4 guy for like
four years before the contract
many many of the 25 insects kinda had a great year with the weather
happy ending and Gilbert were great in the back already had this phenomenal
and any immediately reverted exactly the player was
who's not a bad player now that work not work you know
not revive your seventy male power that kinda money now this is a with
Cleveland as best you ever had one great here in washington
Temasek's Rashard Lewis six years
118 million dollars with the Orlando Magic now sonics contract here
another great contract your player 22 points per game 6.6 rebounds per game
he signed his contract when he's 27 years old and since then he has simply
put up
role player numbers not great
regardless I thought that he would be good the way the day wondering
lester when the behavior the one with the heat can hit like one corner 3
world champion pushover Shuttleworth now that's odd to say
I move right along number five grant hill
seven years 93 million dollars
for great help misses one Orlando grab Tracy McGrady grant hill last
that was also fun to watch when I saw it when that day again that's a back on
track as the injuries although he had some injuries
prior to the contract with the Droid it was a little foolish to think that maybe
he would but obviously injuries just completely derail
almost certainly would have been all thanked for his first year he played
four games
second your plate 14 in this contract is thirty-point 29
yeah any played over sent seven years two hundred other possible
I was gonna say 594 574 agrees that the anime
if that is not my money and my team the end is a demand I hate the world
the beginning his career it that they again
his career started with like this sunshine on it
yeah like the those are just the sprite commercial I meet with
you know like first I'm never going to forget first player ever
well you is awesome we had a great like
Grail can be the best for the whole time as the like but so is so that happen he
later this great man he plays for
II lovee Detroit but not really the city
just doesn't circular you get the plea for blue-collar city what the hell you
would sit down %um
is Brooke gotta play me plaything tries with a tough time place till
multiple a go break it think gloria is
choices career yeah it does because offense but as we can't listen to me
don't know what's wrong with you which is why I had no problem
across a release was their Croce color and
in their growth you're not ready but whatever what I said and the number one
person on this list is looking to the side very hard to come back
and unquestionably in my mind herself significantly in trying to come back for
his red
I let's roll through these number four jerome James
for gotti Jerome James in Lisle five years 30 million
and as you can see and Isaiah Thomas I'm
in the regular season he averaged 5 point
points per game three rebounds project
he was other shapes like Eddy Curry the any curry
Avenue thought in his first year he averaged nine minutes
and three points per game so he's getting paid basically 700 eighty seven
thousand dollars
per minute drum James but
horrible contract thereto the for big
an essay guys I Allan Houston at number three
six years $110 million dollars he's about to be the GM the next ride
is he and the GM I wish in the tunnel %uh case the love watching and he was
about he was a great shooter men
he had a really good form a really good shooter obviously I hated
sing the Bulls play him because he was good along with john started by STJ
number two stefan marberry 54 years accuse me
76 million dollars a nother Isaiah Thomas signing
have been there for them dude from 2004 to 2006 he was good
21 points per game nearly nine assists per game he feuded with Larry Brown in
Isaiah Thomas unfortunately in December 1st 2008 banned from the facilities
for the remainder of his contract stefan marberry
number two I i mean when he was good he was good yeah he was good with Minnesota
when he was with Garnett has never been any was good with the next sends he just
has an issue
he is as an edited shoulda he shoulda played for like
another ten years and China because China love to remember when he sold
shoes by the way for like
10 did not get a great thing 15 was it was it was a terrific player for a while
we just that there was a backcountry and next may go out a bad deal
and ball Isaiah Thomas where the bad deals no-name that worked so hard over
the next five year term associate or later
number one on the list dear to bend hard as well
Gilbert arenas six years 100 11
million dollars he got paid obviously in a 2008 he missed nearly the entire 2008
2009 year because of injuries
oh yeah and then in 2009 to doesn't end here are a few to mars Crittenton was
able to send to bring guns to the locker and you know no big deal
and I by the way here's what he said I'm just gonna read if you've got
bless you he said I got her before I got the contract and I still get rewarded so
it's like
it's not like a trick somebody they knew I was hurt I didn't play that you're a
plate-like 13 games a year before my contract and I got the contract anyway
because of what I did you get paid on what you did not what you gonna do
strong now that's wrong with Layton's work though it
you should be paid on what you're expected to do you have potential but I
you know Qaeda
I understand as they go hand in hand that's why I think he's not that's what
people don't understand you get paid on what you did
here's the best part: I was in that gym three times a day for six years that I
was in Washington
so I worked up about hours in I put probably more hours in
than anybody beside the Kobe other than that there was no one who's gonna log in
more practice hours engine hours than I did
where he what year lease on the contract that was %uh
2000 8 place I'd 2008 so that the end
to release I didn't 2008 so we only played 13 games the year before you
heard the playoffs
a before the playoffs and in 2006-2007 miss the end of the year
they barely play today and that he didn't play in that nine
at all and he played 14 two games
enough right 47 games over a three-year period to those were the first to win
the contract
and the next year he got del a summer that was the gun charge of which I think
I'll sleep
I get the NBA try to be tough but too much made


Top 10 Overpaid NBA Players

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