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Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon
Today we are going to make chocolate scrabble which is heaps of fun because you can rearrange
the tiles to make it say whatever you want it to say.
To make this you are going to need a few things, firstly you'll need some old style scrabble
tiles that have the letters embedded into the tile, I got these ones on ebay. Give them
a wash and let them dry completely.
Next we need a food grade casting gel. Make sure you don't just use any molding gel it
needs to be a food grade one otherwise it can have chemical in it that can leach into
your food. I like this stuff because it is reusable so you can make a mold out of it
and then remelt it in the microwave and make something different.
Take your tiles and put a small amount of the gel on the back of each one and then push
them onto the base of the container with the letter side facing up. Once you have all of
your letters positioned on the base then pour the rest of the gel over the top. Then looking
from the underneath of your container push each of your tiles down firmly and make sure
they are not touching each other. You need a reasonable gap between each tile so that
it is strong enough to use as a mold.
You will see air bubbles are rising to the top which is why we have the tiles at the
base of the container. If you put them on top you'd get bubbles in the mold rather than
a smooth finish.
Leave it to cool and set this will take a couple of hours but you can put it in the
fridge to speed it up. Then take it out of the container, flip it over and pull on each
edge of the tile to release it from the mold. And you can see there we've got the letter
imprinted on our mold which is what we want.
Continue to release all the tiles and remove them from the mold and if they've got excess
gel on the back you can just rub that off using your thumb.
Melt some white chocolate in the microwave, if your chocolate contains cocoa butter then
make sure you watch the video on how to temper chocolate, if it contains vegetable oil then
it is not real chocolate and does not need tempering.
Fill the letters then smooth off the top using something with a straight like a ruler or
a palette knife. And allow that to set then flip it over and
bend the mold to get your tiles out.
To make our tile rack you'll will need a skinny container with tall sides, I didn't have one
suitable so I just made one out of foil, twisting the ends together so the gel won't leak out.
Put the tile holder into the container and pour the molding gel over the top. If it starts
to float just push it back down and hold it for a moment until it stays. If it is hollow
underneath like mine just allow it to fill up because we can get that out afterwards
Once it is completely set peel off all the foil and then run a knife along the top edge.
Pull out on each side to release it from the mold and take the tile rack out. Then if you've
got the gel in the back of the mold like mine then you can pull that out and put that back
in your container to remelt and reuse later.
If you want your tile rack a wooden colour take some white chocolate and add some milk
or dark and mix it in, once you are happy with the colour you can swirl some extra milk
or dark chocolate to give it that wood grain. Pour it into the mold, squeeze or tap it to
get rid of any air bubbles. I am making mine solid chocolate if you wanted to you could
fill yours with ganache or put popping sugar in it, to do that you just tip it out fill
it up and then put more chocolate on top. Like we did with the chocolate truffle video
you can watch that one if you want to know how to do that. Then wipe off the excess chocolate
off the top using a palette knife or a ruler.
Once it is set simply peel off the mold and you have your scrabble rack.
To make the letters on the tiles stand out melt some dark chocolate dab it on and then
immediately scrape across with a knife or something with a straight edge. And this is
why we wanted the tiles that had the embedded letters. So that we have that little valley
where the letter is so that the dark chocolate can sit in.
Let them set and then have fun creating your message. If you are giving it away as a gift
I've put mine in a clear plastic box. You could make just the individual tile racks
in a box and they would make great unique wedding bonbonniere with each persons name
on it who's a guest at the wedding or you could give it as a gift for valentines day
or just to a friend for fun.
Thanks for sharing and clicking like, leave all your requests for cakes chocolates and
desserts in the comments below and subscribe to see all the latest how to cook that videos.
Have a great week I'll see you on Friday.


Chocolate Scrabble How To Cook That Ann Reardon Valentines Gift Ideas

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