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Here you go.
Next please.
Hi, what can I get for you?
7 Moments That are Terrifying for Indecisive People
So there's tea or coffee.
Tea or coffee, tea or coffee.
Um, uh, I'll have a coffee!
A coffee, yeah.
Nailed it.
Oh, iced or hot?
Choosing a Movie
Time for some Netflix.
That's a, that's a lotta options.
Am I feeling comedy?
Oh! Maybe some action?
They have Disney movies on here too?
Well, I did wanna start House of Cards.
Why are there so many options?
I'm tired.
Small Talk
So would you rather have Nicholas Cage be around you at all times,
or have Nickelback narrate your entire life?
Nicholas Cage is creepy,
but Nickelback sucks.
It's uh, it's just a, just a question.
I just wanted to make small talk, uh.
Deciding on Plans
girls night tonight??
Hey Michelle,
do you wanna watch a movie tonight?
Ooo, Sierra or Willow?
Hey, what's this?
Oh my god, when did they get new filters?
Hey, do you wanna go to lunch?
Yeah, sure.
Where do you wanna go?
Making Any Purchase
I just need a simple deodorant.
Hmm, I guess I could get Dove again.
Wait, is that a new scent of Secret?
Oh, that's good.
Well, uh, this one's good too.
Oh wait, I know what to do.
Four and a half stars for Secret.
Thank you, Amazon.
Whaddya get?
Oh, I got some deodorants, Secret.
Nice, I used to use that one.
You used to use it?
Should I return it?
It had four and a half stars.
Why would Jordan stop using it?
I knew I should've gotten Dove.
Do I still have the receipt?
Well, I'm just gonna smell terrible forever now.



優柔不断の人が怖がる七つの瞬間 7 Moments That Are Terrifying For Indecisive People

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