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The President: Michelle and I send our warmest wishes
to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year in here America
and all around the world.
I'll always remember the parades, fireworks,
and gatherings that surrounded the Lunar New year
when I was growing up in Hawaii.
And now as president, this celebration is a perfect
reminder of the many cultures and faiths
that make us who we are as Americans.
We're a nation of immigrants, our vast array
of traditions and perspectives and backgrounds;
our melting pot is what makes America unique.
It's what keeps us fresh and dynamic, and entrepreneurial.
That's why last year I took action to help fix our broken
immigration system.
But our work isn't finished.
We've still got to come together to pass a comprehensive
immigration bill, so that we can expand opportunities for more
people to study and serve and contribute to our nation.
Those are the aspirations that have attracted families to our
shores for generations and that story continues today.
So, whether you're celebrating the year of the ram,
the year of the goat, or the year of the sheep,
may we all do our part to carry forward the work of perfecting
this country that we love.
Happy new year everybody.


President Obama Offers a Lunar New Year Message

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