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  • Recently, three American girls were stopped in Germany en route to join ISIS in Turkey.

  • In

  • fact, many women are flocking to the Middle East to join ISIS. Estimates put the number

  • in the

  • hundreds. But why? Why are women so eager to join a militant group that’s so publicly

  • anti- women?

  • Well, the answer is complicated - in that there isn’t really just one reason. Once

  • women

  • successfully join ISIS, they usually cut off ties with their old life, leaving only a trail

  • of mystery for

  • their families to try to figure out.

  • The main recruiting tool ISIS is using to attract women is social media. ISIS is active

  • on

  • Twitter and Facebook, and regularly releases online recruiting videos promising women a

  • chance tojoin a new utopian society.” The internet is also used as a tool for marriage,

  • where

  • Western women meet ISIS soldiers that they will soon marry to becomejihad brides.”

  • These

  • brides help the cause by cooking, cleaning, and raising children - a far cry from the

  • utopian

  • society they were promised.

  • Some experts studying the motives of Western women joining ISIS, claim that it may just

  • be for the adventure of it all. Young women, just like young men, are attracted to traveling

  • to a

  • foreign land and fighting in a war. Women who join ISIS write about military training

  • and learning

  • how to shoot guns. But ISIS doesn’t use women on the front lines. They use them more

  • as

  • police, manning checkpoints and inspecting other Muslim women.

  • Women are also joining ISIS for religious reasons. ISIS fighters are Sunni Muslims,

  • and

  • preach about how their community is being persecuted - which helps influence Sunni women

  • all around the world. By joining ISIS, they believe that theyre helping a cause that’s

  • directly

  • protecting their culture’s way of life. Other Western women feel alienated in their

  • own country,

  • for reasons like the French ban on Muslim veils. Women are joining ISIS because they

  • want to

  • be on the front lines of a new Islamic state.

  • Again, there isn’t just one reason these women are joining ISIS. And were not exactly

  • sure

  • how theyre being treated after joining. Yes, some still update their social media

  • pages - but

  • some experts think that ISIS men are the ones that are actually controlling what’s written.

  • What we do know is how ISIS views women. There’s evidence of sex slavery, rape, and death

  • sentences. And the perplexing thing is, some women who join ISIS not only agree with this

  • treatment, but are traveling halfway across the world in order to support it.

Recently, three American girls were stopped in Germany en route to join ISIS in Turkey.


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なぜ女性はISISに参加するのか? (Why Are Women Joining ISIS?)

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