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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
After many many requests today I am making Olaf the snowman for the movie Frozen. I am
making this one quite small, you can enlarge it to any size you like I'll give you tips
for that as we go.
To start with print out Olaf in the size that you want your cake to be. This one where he
stands on one foot works well because you can run a cake spike right down the centre
to keep it stable. The cake spike has to be firmly attached to your cake board because
if it is unstable so will your cake be. I am using a hot glue gun here just to give
it that extra connection so that it doesn't move at all.
Next take you print out and find three circle objects in your kitchen that match the width
of each body section. The one you use for the middle you can also use for the top of
the head as well. Whenever I make a cake people always ask can
I use a packet cake, can I use a store bought cake, so today I am using a store bought cake
to answer that qusetion, personally I don't think they taste as good but yes you can use
them. For an Olaf that is about 27cm tall you will need three 20cm round cakes.
Take two of your cakes and cut two of your larger circles which are for the bottom section
You should be able to get the large one and one smaller one out of one of them. And then
just cut the one larger one out of the other one. Stack up your two bigger ones, tip them
on them their side and check that they are tall enough for that section of the body.
Then take another cake and cut out two circles in the size of the head this will form the
main bulky part of the head, but you need to cut another small circle from the left
over cake for the top bit of the head. Then we are going to use the cake scraps to
cut out your feet, to do that I didn't have a circle the right size so I used the printout
cut it the right width and turned it and cut it the right width again so that you've got
a square. And then cut the corners off the round it
out. Repeat that for the other foot.
Starting with your head pieces place the printout over the top of your cake and then looking
at it from directly above cut off the cake that you can see so that you are left with
the shape of his face. Then stand it up and round off the front where the top of his cheeks
are when he is smiling.
Add you filling of choice, I am using lemon butter because I think it goes well with the
frosting I am using and then put them back together. Now towards the back we need to
add the top of the head section. So place the template over the top piece and trim each
side. Then cut a chunk on an angle just like I am doing here so that there is room for
the eye balls to fit into the head. Add some more lemon butter and place it on
the top of the head at the back of the cake.
Now for the middle body section. My piece of cake was from the side of the cake so it
is already angled down like the body is. If yours isn't then just cut a piece off to angle
it down. Then place the template over the top and trim it to size. Then use your knife
round off all the edges so it looks like a snowball.
For the main part of the body join the two circles of cake together using lemon butter,
tip it on the side and cut around the body shape, folding up the foot as you go, turn
the cake ninety degrees and trim the sides to match what you've just done. If you don't
trust yourself doing this free hand then you can just use the template again. Placing it
over the top and trimming it off. Then have a look at your shape and shave off tiny bits
of cake at a time until it is rounded all the way around and looks like the body.
Now for our feet trim around the edges of the base section just to round it off. And
then place it up against the template an cut it to the right height. And do that for both
of your feet.
And now we are ready to assemble our Olaf.
Firstly add the foot. Then you really need to add a support in here
next I didn't do that because the cake was getting eaten straight after it was made.
But even then I probably should of added it in. So do adda support if you don't know how
to do that watch the minion cake video and it will show you how to do that.
Place the template in from to see what angle the body goes on then slide that down into
place. So the support should sit there just between the body and the foot. Then add a
little bit of lemon butter, and then slide on the middle section. Then finally add the
head, I've put mine on a slightly straighter angle than in the printout had it because
that makes it a little bit more stable. Now we want to cut out some cake where his
mouth goes. So just look at your print out to see where abouts his mouth goes cut a line
going across on a slight upwards angle and then chunk it up on an angle to take out his
mouth section.
Now to make the frosting of your choice, I am using italian meringue because it is white
and snow like. And the recipe for that is on my video 7 different frostings recipe,
I'll put a link to that video and the minion cake one in the description below for you.
Once it is light and fluffy spread a really thin coat all over the cake, this is just
to catch all the crumbs so that when we put on the next coat it doesn't have any cake
crumbs through it which makes it not look like snow.
Add a generous second coat of frosting and then smooth it out as best as you can. This
can be a bit tricky and I like to use a piece of plastic and then just drag it up because
you can bend it around the body and then drag it around to smooth it out. Once you've smoothed
it them use a knife or a palette knife to Then using a knife or a palette knife to indent
around each snowball join to make the body sections clear.
Cover the other foot in frosting on the top and sides, add it to the cake and then put
italian meringue on the bottom of the foot as well.
Keep the left over frosting as you'll need some more of it later so don't get rid of
it just yet.
Now place some chocolate melts in the microwave and on full heat for 30 seconds stir, 20 seconds
stir and then bursts of 10 seconds and stir it until it is smooth and melted.
Place it into a plastic bag and cut a little bit off the corner.
To make the sticks on top of olafs head Pipe the chocolate onto a bag of frozen veggies.
By piping it here and not on a flat surface it makes them look more like sticks because
they are not completely flat obviously they've got little twists and turn to them. Pipe plenty
of extras ones and that way you can number one choose the best ones for your cake but
number two when you serve the cake you can give everyone some of the chocolate.
Make sure when you are piping you make them longer than you need so you can poke it into
the top of the head and it is still the right length sticking up over the top.
To make the coal for our buttons, take the middle out of some oreos and then crush the
biscuit part up using a rolling pin. Bring the crumbs together into a pile and using
your finger make a coal sized little hole in the centre. Then fill that with your melted
chocolate and repeat two more times. If you are new to how to cook that make sure
you watch the videos on tempering chocolate and what chocolate to use for decorations.
I'll link to them in the description below as well. It is important that you watch those
if you don't work with chocolate regularly so that you understand how to make sure that
your sticks on top of the head and the arms don't just collapse at room temperature.
Place a piece of baking paper over your print out and pipe some eyebrows. Again do more
than one so that you can choose the best ones afterwards. Then do the same thing for his
arms, if you are using tempered chocolate then leave it at room temperature to set,
if you are using compound or fake chocolate then you can just put that in the fridge or
freezer to set.
To make the nose take 6 orange starburst lollies, unwrap them and put them in the microwave
for about 10 seconds. This will make them soft so you can squash them all together.
Roll it between the palms of you hand to make a carrot shape and then pull one end to extend
a piece that you can poke that into the head. On some non-stick paper run a knife around
the carrot making those indented lines that they have. Leave that to cool and firm up.
If you can't get starburst lollies where you live then you could use fondant for that step
instead. To make the eyes take 10 marshmallows and heat them in the microwave in 10 second
bursts until they are melted like this. Keep adding icing sugar and mixing it in until
it you can knead it into a ball. This will make more than you need and you can colour
it and then use it for the nose if you don't have starbursts. To make the eyeballs exactly
the same size roll a ball, then cut it in half and roll each half into an eyeball. For
the centre of the eye I am using store bought black fondant you can use licorice or chocolate
here if you prefer. Roll it out and cut out two circles using a straw and place them on
the centre of each eye. Then roll the tiniest balls of white that you can and add them to
the side of each eye to give it that glisten.
Roll out some more black and wrap it around the top half of each eye ball a bit like the
Back to our cake, using your knife make room for the carrot and poke it into the head.
Then add your eyeballs nice and close to the nose.
Mix some of the black and white fondant together to make grey, roll it out flat and cut it
into a mouth shape, and then place that into place on the cake.
Now add extra italian meringue around the eyes at the top, just between the eyes and
the sides , smooth that off and then add your eye brows.
Now add the twigs to the top of his head, when you're doing that look at the picture
of Olaf and try and get them in a similar position so that it looks just like the character.
Now poke in his arms. Then brush the excess oreo crumbs off the
coal and add your lumps to the front of the cake.
Then make a rectangle of white fondant and push it into place for his teeth.
You can see here the bottom foot has squashed right down, which is why I said you really
need to add support there, if you're making a Bigger Olaf then you'll need to add in two
supports one between the foot and the body and another one between the body and the head.
support just before the head too. Click on the link here to go to the channel
and watch the minion cake for how to add supports on a standing up cake and also you can watch
the chocolate videos if you're new to working with chocolate or you can check out all the
other videos that we have there.
Thanks for clicking like and sharing this Olaf video, subscribe to How To Cook That
for more cakes chocolate and desserts
and add all your requests in the comments below
I'll see you Friday.
Have a great week. [music: The Boat Song by Set Sail used with


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