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  • Oh my God, Brandon is my best friend.

  • Yes, Brandons, all Brandons, they're like best friends.

  • Yeah, they're super sweet people.

  • I think Brian is a trustworthy name. And Ryan is a hot name.

  • Ryan's like your friend too.

  • Nick is totally your friend's name. Yeah, I just think Nick is Nick. I think Nick is very unoffensive.

  • Nicks are a good name. Yeah, if your name's Nick, like you're fine, everyone's gonna like you.

  • I feel like Jacks, for some reason, I get a vibe that they're gonna swindle you,

  • or they're the ones that are gonna cheat on you.

  • Red flag name, TJ, RJ. Josh is a red flag.

  • Like RJ, TJ, PJ

  • No, Jacob's a creep. Jacob's stupid.

  • Don't do this with Jacob again. (Yeah) You hear that

  • Anybody who goes by their last name. That's my favorite

  • David, David's a powerful guy name, like Michael, classic names. (Yeah)

  • William, oh yeah, especially if they do the whole name.

  • I feel like Liams are business guys. I see them suited up.

  • If you have a friend, a girlfriend that you're concerned about, and she tells you she started to date a William,

  • It's kind of one of those things where it's like...It's gonna be okay. She's gonna be okay.

  • The name that I am most likely to be like a guy who's kind of gross is Adam.

  • Oh, I love the name Adam!

  • Adams are like I finger-banged someone in the bathroom and didn't wash my hand.

  • Bob

  • I also could never say Bob and be serious about it.

  • Like I could never be in a fight with someone and be like come on Bob!

  • Steve, oh, it sounds like a nerd.

  • It's tough to be a Steve.

  • Frank, I think Frank is not a good looking guy.

  • See, here's a thing, the name Frank is kind of like whatever, but then I happen to know some like really hot Franks.

  • Really? Do I?

  • I would love to say that I ended up with a Dylan.

  • I would love to date a Brandon.

  • Of course you would!

  • I've always wanted to date a James.

  • Ethan, ooh. Surfer boy. Ooh, totally.

  • Ethan, you like Ethan. I love Ethan.

  • I like Ethan. Ethans are confident.

  • Just smoking hot, has this amazing sense of humor.

  • Oh, I love Jake. Jake is my favorite male name.

  • Jack is rugged. Yeah. Jake is like the heartthrob.

  • Very fit, very cool. He's got the nicest five o'clock shadow you've ever seen.

  • I think Parker is a hot name.

  • Parker is so sexy.

  • Have you ever met a Parker? No!

  • Maybe that's why it's sexy.

  • I know, yeah.

Oh my God, Brandon is my best friend.


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