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- You just got married. Congratulations.
- I did, thank you. - That's exciting.
- I know. I know.
- How long have you been together?
- How long-- we've been together--
We've been together three years, I think.
Yeah, we got married just before Christmas.
- And I heard she was late to the wedding?
- [chuckles] This is true.
My wife--God, it sounds so amazing
just after you get married.
Or even the term sounds new.
She has never been on time for anything in her life,
and so my job was to find--
One of my jobs was to find the venue,
and I made sure I found--
The place where we were having the reception was next to the chapel so that when she didn't turn up on time,
I could go and go, "Wait, incoming."
And--but, no, she was a good half hour late.
Her grandfather had to be sort of held back from going and summoning her.
But everyone else was really stressed,
but I was kind of relaxed
knowing she had never been on time for pretty much anything in her life.
- But you'd think she'd be on time for her wedding.
You'd think that would be the one day she'd be on time,
but it's very, very understanding of you.
- Will you have a word with her? - I will.
Where is she? - She's actually here in LA.
- I'll talk to her. Yeah.
I don't understand the lateness.
I'm early for everything.
Even if I try to be late, somehow time changes,
and I'm early.
I don't--I'll talk to Stephen about that.
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
- We went--we went skiing over Christmas.
We went to the Alps, which was such a beautiful idea,
but unfortunately, there was no snow.
So we basically-- but that was an excuse
just to take long lunches, drink a lot of red wine,
and have a lot of fondue.
- I heard a little bit about this,
so I got you something as a honeymoon--as a wedding present.
- So you have some fondue. You have red wine.
You have chocolate. - Wow.
Chocolate, fondue set and wine.
- Yup. - Thank you, Ellen.
- You're welcome.
And what's your wife's name?
- Hannah. - Hannah.
I'm gonna talk to Hannah backstage
and explain to her why she needs to be on time.
Did you want to see more videos?
Hold on.
- This is my first time on a talk show.
- What is it, Noah? - My first time on a talk show.
- Oh, man. Welcome.


Eddie Redmayne's Wife Was Late to Their Wedding

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