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I choose to study in Singapore because I believe that
Singapore's certificate is well-known around the world.
So after i graduate from Kaplan,
I can go to other countries to work.
I find it very easy to get around Singapore
because there's a wide variety of transportation provided.
i feel very comfortable living in Singapore because Singapore provides a safe environment.
When i first started at Kaplan, this is the first time I interacted with
people from different countries
such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and we don't have any communications barriers.
because most of us speak English.
Kaplan is a very good school because it provides a variety of courses,
acknowledged and well-known universities around the world.
Hi, I am Kelvin from Indonesia
my name is a Gong f Li Zhe, I'm from China
Hi, my name is Eliot. I'm from France
Hi, this is Medha. And I'm from Burma.
My Name is Kim So Young. I'm from Korea.
Hi, I'm Chrostopher Sim. I'm from Singapore.
I came to Singapore to study
because my parents want me to learn about new culture
about new way of studying and working with different people.
Singapore is a finance hub and
they think that it's is a good place to study finance.
Singapore is less stressful to study than in Korea.
Singapore is better to get a job as there's more prospects.
Singapore has both Western and Eastern cultures
And I think it's very easy for me to build up my study
and living in the independent category.
At first, i felt very nervous but
I found out the students and lecturers are very friendly
and the programmes managers are very helpful.
So i think i am used to it now.
The lecturers that i had are very fun.
I met a lot of really impressive lecturers who
gets along with the whole class really well
and i very comfortable being in Kaplan and in class and i enjoy it a lot
Kaplan have facilities such as computer labs
Canteens, study lounge, library
the information that is provided from library is reliable
and is acknowledged by Kaplan and my University
The student lounge is an extremely good place to study,
to watch TV about finance and business.
and to study with your friends.
Kaplan is located
one in Somerset
which is near Orchard
And the other one is at WIlkie, which is near bugis
Both the campuses are easy for transportation because both have nearby
MRT and buses
It's a good location because it's central.
And you're at the heart of town. So it's really convenient
Around the school area, we have a lot of
shopping malls and F&B outlets. So normally after class, i can go there to hang out
My first impression when i came here is
singapore is a strict country but after a
few days
a few weeks go by, i don't see much problems
Thers's a lot of diversity,
it's a multiracial country and
everyone gets along well
people don't judge by your looks but
more about who you are
and in Korea, we have to
always looked good to other people
But in Singapore, you can be who you are
When i first came to Singapore
The Asian face made me feel very comfortable.
I really like the mixed culture.
meeting with different cultures and different races, is learning
new things, getting new ideas
knwoing about more people from all over the country
and without going overseas we can know
what is actually going around in all different countries
and what their culture is like,
what they really love about.
singapore is the place i want to live
because once i finish my degree with UCD
I can access almost everything here. I can do anything!
so that's what i want to stay here


International students on campus life | Kaplan Singapore

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