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  • I choose to study in Singapore because I believe that

  • Singapore's certificate is well-known around the world.

  • So after i graduate from Kaplan,

  • I can go to other countries to work.

  • I find it very easy to get around Singapore

  • because there's a wide variety of transportation provided.

  • i feel very comfortable living in Singapore because Singapore provides a safe environment.

  • When i first started at Kaplan, this is the first time I interacted with

  • people from different countries

  • such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and we don't have any communications barriers.

  • because most of us speak English.

  • Kaplan is a very good school because it provides a variety of courses,

  • acknowledged and well-known universities around the world.

  • Hi, I am Kelvin from Indonesia

  • my name is a Gong f Li Zhe, I'm from China

  • Hi, my name is Eliot. I'm from France

  • Hi, this is Medha. And I'm from Burma.

  • My Name is Kim So Young. I'm from Korea.

  • Hi, I'm Chrostopher Sim. I'm from Singapore.

  • I came to Singapore to study

  • because my parents want me to learn about new culture

  • about new way of studying and working with different people.

  • Singapore is a finance hub and

  • they think that it's is a good place to study finance.

  • Singapore is less stressful to study than in Korea.

  • Singapore is better to get a job as there's more prospects.

  • Singapore has both Western and Eastern cultures

  • And I think it's very easy for me to build up my study

  • and living in the independent category.

  • At first, i felt very nervous but

  • I found out the students and lecturers are very friendly

  • and the programmes managers are very helpful.

  • So i think i am used to it now.

  • The lecturers that i had are very fun.

  • I met a lot of really impressive lecturers who

  • gets along with the whole class really well

  • and i very comfortable being in Kaplan and in class and i enjoy it a lot

  • Kaplan have facilities such as computer labs

  • Canteens, study lounge, library

  • the information that is provided from library is reliable

  • and is acknowledged by Kaplan and my University

  • The student lounge is an extremely good place to study,

  • to watch TV about finance and business.

  • and to study with your friends.

  • Kaplan is located

  • one in Somerset

  • which is near Orchard

  • And the other one is at WIlkie, which is near bugis

  • Both the campuses are easy for transportation because both have nearby

  • MRT and buses

  • It's a good location because it's central.

  • And you're at the heart of town. So it's really convenient

  • Around the school area, we have a lot of

  • shopping malls and F&B outlets. So normally after class, i can go there to hang out

  • My first impression when i came here is

  • singapore is a strict country but after a

  • few days

  • a few weeks go by, i don't see much problems

  • Thers's a lot of diversity,

  • it's a multiracial country and

  • everyone gets along well

  • people don't judge by your looks but

  • more about who you are

  • and in Korea, we have to

  • always looked good to other people

  • But in Singapore, you can be who you are

  • When i first came to Singapore

  • The Asian face made me feel very comfortable.

  • I really like the mixed culture.

  • meeting with different cultures and different races, is learning

  • new things, getting new ideas

  • knwoing about more people from all over the country

  • and without going overseas we can know

  • what is actually going around in all different countries

  • and what their culture is like,

  • what they really love about.

  • singapore is the place i want to live

  • because once i finish my degree with UCD

  • I can access almost everything here. I can do anything!

  • so that's what i want to stay here

I choose to study in Singapore because I believe that


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