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  • The UK is incredibly diverse in terms of accents

  • and it just so happens that I can do many of these accents as my party trick.

  • So come with me as I take you on a guided tour through all of the accents and archetype of Great Britain.

  • Hi I’m Siobhan Thompson and this is anglophenia.

  • And what I’m speaking right now is RP,

  • received pronunciation, or you know, your standard BBC English.

  • It’s spoken across the country, generally by middle and upper class people.

  • Think of Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch,

  • you know, most of the presenters of BBC news.

  • So, good evening, it’s 9 o’clock and this is the news.

  • I’m very important.

  • Heightened RP is generally only spoken on film and television now.

  • So youre gonna think of Nell Card or the dull encounters in Downton Abbey

  • Oh Gerald I do love you but youre so terribly, terribly poor.

  • Now, London is the accent that most people outside of Britain can recognize, you know,

  • that classic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  • Get out of my pub! Go on, get out of it!

  • Shut it you tart !

  • East Anglia is a flat, boggy kind of place, with a flat, boggy kind of accent.

  • I’d love to give you an example of somebody that comes from there that speaks like this,

  • But they all lose this accent as they can.

  • Steven Froy is from Norfolk, but he doesn’t speak like this cuz he’s posh.

  • Here’s a classical kind of East Anglia phrase: I dun drop my computer in the fan and now it’s broken.

  • Now let’s go across the island to the West Country,

  • Which is a much rounder sound, it’s farmland, full of sheep and cows and apples.

  • Think of Sam Gangee from the Lord of the Rings or Hagrid from the Harry Potter Movies.

  • Oy you bloody kids get off my land! Or Mr. Frodo, don’t let them turn me into anything unnatural.

  • Then when you get down to Cornwall, it gets a little bit more pirate-y

  • So hoist the mizzenmast, **

  • Now Southern Welsh is this great sing-songy kind of accent .

  • Think of Tom Jones or Richard Burtin, you knowRage, rage against the dying of the light.”

  • Bloody hell I love Dillan Thomas

  • Northern Welsh is where singer Duffy is from, it’s a breathy, thicker kind of accent

  • And most people from there speak Welsh at home and English as a second language.

  • So, you know, (Welsh)

  • Now, cross the country to the West Midlands in Birmingham,

  • And it’s a very nasal kind of an accent, mostly on a () through went on in the area.

  • Cat Deeley, who presents So You Think You Can Dance is from there.

  • And so is Ozzy Osbourne, you knowSharon, where’s the bloody remote?”

  • Yeah, that voice that he does isn’t a joke, it’s just where he’s from.

  • Scouse is your classical Liverpool accent. The Beatles are from there and so is Paul McGann.

  • They also made European capital of culture called 4 years ago by the EU, so don’t tell me that theyre not cultured, alright?

  • Authentic Lancashire, you know think of Christopher Eccleston,

  • Or most of the cast of the Downstairs in the Downton Abbey.

  • Daisy, get the buns out of the oven before they burn!

  • Oh, Mr. Bates.

  • So across the Pennines, Yorkshire, it’s a much kind of flatter accent from Lancashire.

  • And they cut off a lot of their words

  • So I’m going to pub uphill, think of Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones

  • One does not simply walk into Mordor.

  • So in Northumberland in Newcastle you speak in a Geordie accent, so you know think of the Geordie shore,

  • Or Cheryl Cole, remember she got fired from X- Factor cuz nobody could understand a word she was saying.

  • Or Billy Elliot! All I want to do is dance ballet but my dad makes me box.

  • Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, it’s a very soft, maybe a little snotty kind of an accent.

  • Think of Ewan McGregor or Dame Maggie Smith, that’s Professor McGonagall

  • That’s 10 points taken from Gryffindor Mr. Potter.

  • Glasgow is a much thicker kind of an accent,

  • Billy Connolly and Peter Capaldi are both from there.

  • They cut off a lot of their words, so, uh, have you got any bottles, sir, got to go to the shop you know?

  • So, up to the very North to the Highlands of Scotland

  • Think of Amy Pond from Doctor Who, or maybe Sir Robert Burns.

  • The best-laid schemes o’ mice anmen gang aft agley.

  • Now let’s go to North Ireland and it’s all about the vowels with the Northern Ireland Accent,

  • Like, so like, Hi Neighbor and all

  • Liam Neeson is from there.

  • Weve got a very particular set of skills.

  • I know he doesn’t’ say it in that accent in the movie but it sounds well so, like..

  • And finally, Southern Ireland is obviously not a part of the United Kingdom but obviously I can do a Dublin accent so let’s just do it.

  • It’s a pretty classic Irish accent with a lot of assonance to it.

  • So Sinéad O’Connor’s from there.

  • Nothing compares. Nothing compares to you.

  • That is all from me. Tell me if there’s any British accent that I missed because I love a challenge.

  • Don’t forget to subscribe and thanks for watching.

The UK is incredibly diverse in terms of accents


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